PCB Assembly
  • PCB Specifications

    Features Capability Notes Patterns
    Layer count 1,2,4,6 layers The number of copper layers in the board.
    Controlled Impedance 4/6 layer, default layer stack-up Controlled Impedance PCB Layer Stackup JLCPCB Impedance Calculator
    Material FR-4 FR-4 Standard Tg 130-140/ Tg 155
    Dielectric constant 4.5(double-sided PCB)

    7628 Prepreg 4.6

    2313 Prepreg 4.05

    2116 Prepreg 4.25

    Max. Dimension 400x500mm The maximum dimension JLCPCB can accept
    Dimension Tolerance ±0.2mm ±0.2mm for CNC routing, and ±0.4mm for V-scoring
    Board Thickness 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0mm The thickness of finished board.

    Thickness Tolerance

    ( Thickness≥1.0mm)

    ± 10% e.g. For the 1.6mm board thickness, the finished board thickness ranges from 1.44mm(T-1.6×10%) to 1.76mm(T+1.6×10%)

    Thickness Tolerance

    ( Thickness<1.0mm)

    ± 0.1mm e.g. For the 0.8mm board thickness, the finished board thickness ranges from 0.7mm(T-0.1) to 0.9mm(T+0.1).
    Finished Outer Layer Copper 1 oz/2 oz (35um/70um) Finished copper weight of outer layer is 1oz or 2oz.
    Finished Inner Layer Copper 0.5 oz (17.5um)

    Finished copper weight of inner layer is 0.5oz by default.

    2 oz inner copper weight is available for 4-layer PCBs with 1.6mm thickness/JLC2313 stackup/2oz outer copper weight.

  • Drill/Hole Size

    Features Capability Notes Patterns
    Drill Hole Size 0.20mm- 6.30mm

    Min. drill size is 0.20mm. Max. drill size is 6.30mm.

    Drill Hole Size Tolerance +0.13/-0.08mm e.g. for the 0.6mm hole size, the finished hole size between 0.52mm to 0.73mm is acceptable.
    Blind/Buried Vias Don’t support Currently we don't support Blind/Buried Vias, only make through holes.
    Min. Via hole size 0.2mm For Single&Double Layer PCB, the minimum via hole size is 0.3mm;For Multi Layer PCB, the minimum via hole size is 0.2mm
    Min. Via diameter 0.4mm For Single&Double Layer PCB, the minimum Via diameter is 0.5mm; For Multi Layer PCB, the minimum via diameter is 0.45mm(Limitation 0.4mm).
    PTH hole Size 0.20mm - 6.35mm The annular ring size will be enlarged to 0.15mm in production.
    Pad Size Minimum 1.0mm The pad size will be enlarged by 0.5mm than the hole size. The minimum size of annular ring around plated through hole pads is 0.25mm. If the recommended sizes are not respected then the pad will not be produced properly.
    Min. Non-plated holes 0.50mm The minimum NPTH dimension is 0.50mm, Please add the NPTH in the mechanical layer or keep out layer.
    NPTH 0.2mm We make NPTH via dry sealing film process, if customer would like a NPTH but around with pad/copper, our engineer will dig out around pad/copper about 0.2mm-0.25mm, otherwise the metal potion will be flowed into the hole and it becomes a PTH. (there will be no copper dig out optimization for single board).
    Min. Plated Slots 0.5mm The minimum plated slot width is 0.5mm, which is drawn with a pad.
    Min. Non-Plated Slots 1.0mm The minimum Non-Plated Slot Width is 1.0mm, please draw the slot outline in the mechanical layer(GML or GKO)
    Min. Castellated Holes 0.60mm The minimum diameter of castellated holes is 0.60mm.
    Hole size Tolerance (Plated) +0.13mm/-0.08mm e.g. for the 1.00mm Plated hole, the finished hole size between 0.92mm to 1.13mm is acceptable.
    Hole size Tolerance (Non-Plated) ±0.2mm e.g. for the 1.00mm Non-Plated hole, the finished hole size between 0.80mm to 1.20mm is acceptable.
    Rectangle Hole/Slot Don’t support

    Rectangle/Square Slots, we don't make rectangular or square plated holes,only make oval or round plated slots.

    For non-plated slots, rounded corner-rectangular or square slots are supported. The recommended minimum size is 3x3mm.

  • Minimum Annular Ring

    Minimum annular ring PTH Patterns
    1oz Copper 0.13mm 0.3mm
    2oz Copper 0.2mm 0.3mm
  • Minimum clearance

    Features Capabilities Patterns
    Hole to hole clearance(Different nets) 0.5mm
    Via to Via clearance(Same nets) 0.254mm
    Pad to Pad clearance(Pad without hole, Different nets) 0.127mm
    Pad to Pad clearance(Pad with hole, Different nets) 0.5mm
    Via to Track 0.254mm
    PTH to Track 0.33mm
    NPTH to Track 0.254mm
    Pad to Track 0.2mm
  • Minimum trace width and spacing

    Min. Trace width Min. Spacing Patterns
    1-2 Layers 5mil (0.127mm) 5mil (0.127mm)
    4-6 Layers 3.5mil (0.09mm) 3.5mil (0.09mm)
    2oz Copper weight 8mil (0.2mm) 8mil (0.2mm)
  • BGA

    Layer count Min. BGA Pad Dimensions Min. Distance Between BGA Patterns
    1/2 layers 0.25 mm 0.127mm
    4/6 layers 0.25 mm 0.127mm
  • Solder Mask

    Features Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Solder mask opening/ expansion 0.05mm The solder mask should have a minimum of a 0.05 mm "growth/mask opening" around the pad to allow for any mis-registration.
    Solder bridge


    0.254mm(other colors)

    To have solder mask bridge, the spacing between copper pads edge must be 0.2mm (8mils) or more.
    Solder mask color green, red, yellow, blue, white, and black. We use LPI (Liquid Photo Imageable) solder mask. It is the most common type of mask used today.
    Solder mask dielectric constant 3.8
    Solder mask thickness 10-15UM
  • Legend

    Features Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Minimum Line Width 6 mil (0.153mm) Characters width less than 6mil(0.153mm) will be unidentifiable.
    Minimum text height 40 mil (1.0mm) Characters height less than 40 mil(1.0mm) will be unidentifiable.
    Character width to height ratio 1:6 The preferred ratio of width to height is 1:6.
    Hollow-carved Character width to height ratio 1:6 The preferred ratio of width to height is 1:6
    Pad To Silkscreen 0.15mm The Minimum Distance Between Pad and Silkscreen is 0.15mm.
  • Board Outlines

    Features Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Trace to Outline 0.2mm Ships as individual board(Rounting):Trace to Outline≥0.2mm
    Trace to V-cut line 0.4mm Ship as panel with V-scoring: Trace to V-cut line≥0.4mm
  • Panelization

    Features Capabilities Notes Patterns
    Panelization without space 0mm The space between boards is 0mm.
    Panelization with space 2mm Make sure the space between boards should be ≥2mm,otherwise it will be hard to process for rounding.
    Panelized Round board ≥20mmx20mm

    The single round board size should be≥20mmx20mm.

    Panelize with stamp holes and add tooling strips on four board edges

    Panelized castellated holes board Panelize with stamp holes and add tooling strips on four board edges

    The distance between castellated hole and board corner should be larger than 2mm.

    Recommended diameter of stamp hole is 0.5mm-0.8mm;

    Recommended distance between the two stamp holes is 0.2-0.3mm

    Min. Width of Breakaway Tab 4mm The minimum width of breakaway tab is 4mm. For breakaway with mouse-bites, the minimum width is 5mm.
    Min. Edge Rails 3mm If choosing panel by JLCPCB, we will add 5mm edge rails on both sides by default.
  • PCB Assembly Capabilities

    Features Economic PCBA Standard PCBA
    Assembly Types Single sided placement (SMT/Thru-hole) Single sided placement (SMT/Thru-hole)
    PCB Layer 2,4,6 layers 1 - 6 layers
    Thickness 0.8mm - 1.6mm 0.4mm - 2.0mm

    Single PCB Size:

    2 Layer: 10x10mm - 480x320mm

    4&6 Layer: 10x10mm - 350x320mm

    PCB Panel Size:

    10x10mm - 250x250mm

    Single PCB Size:

    70x70mm - 400x500mm

    PCB Panel Size:

    70x70mm - 250x250mm

    Order Volume 2 - 50 pcs 2 - 80000 pcs
    Surface Finish Limited by specific options No limit
    PCB Color Limited by specific options No limit
    Delivery Format Single PCB, Panel with mouse bites Single PCB, Panel with mouse bites, Panel with V-cut
    Edge Rails Not necessary Necessary
    Fiducials Not necessary Necessary
    Minimum Package 0402 0201
    Minimum IC Pin Spacing 0.4mm 0.35mm
    Minimum BGA Spacing 0.5mm 0.5mm
    Reflow temperature 255+/-5 °C (not adjustable) 240+/-5 °C
    SPI No Yes
    AOI Yes Yes
    Visual Inspection Yes Yes
    X-ray Inspection Yes Yes
    Build time 1 - 3 days ≥ 4 days
  • PCB Specs for Economic PCB Assembly

    Layer Thickness(mm) Color Surface Finish Qty(pcs)
    2L 0.8 Green HASL Leaded 2-30
    1 Green/Black HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-30
    1.2 Green/Black HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-50
    1.6 Green / Black(ENIG not supported /Blue&Red&White(HASL-Leaded,5-30pcs) HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-50
    4L 1 Green HASL- Leaded/Lead free 2-30
    1.2/1.6 Green HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-50
    6L 1.6 Green HASL- Leaded/Lead free 2-30
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