National Holiday Schedule!

JLCPCB will have 3 day's holiday from Oct 1st to Oct 3rd. Orders can be placed online during the holidays and will be processed on Oct 4th. Please kindly schedule your orders ahead of time.


Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Types

Order Volume

PCB Specs for Assembly

PCB or Panel Size



Soldering Method

· Surface Mount(SMT) · Single sided placement

· pcs(Single or panelized PCB)

· Only accept 2&4 layer,green solder mask,1.0/1.2/1.6mm board thickness and 1oz copper weight

· 2 Layer board:Min 20mm×20mm Max 480mm×320mm · 4 Layer:Min 20mm×20mm Max 350mm×320mm

· 689 Basic components and 30k+ Extended components(Explore our in-stock parts in JLCSMT Parts Library )

· Laser cut stainless steel(Free of charge and not delivered with the assembled boards)

· Leadfree

SMT Assembly FAQs

Product Show


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