Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Types

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Single PCB Size

PCB Panel Size

PCB Specs for Assembly





Soldering Method

· Surface Mount(SMT) · Through-hole(THT) · Single sided placement

· pcs(Single or panelized PCB)

· 2 Layer: 20x20mm - 480x320mm

· 4&6 Layer: 20x20mm - 350x320mm

· 20x20mm - 250x250mm

· 2&4&6 layer

· Green/Black/Blue/Red/White solder mask

· 1.0/1.2/1.6mm board thickness

· HASL- Leaded/Lead free / ENIG

· 1oz copper weight

· 689 Basic components and 80k+ Extended components(Explore our in-stock parts in JLCSMT Parts Library )

· Laser cut stainless steel (Not delivered with the assembled boards)

· Leadfree

SMT Assembly FAQs

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