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Faster electronics manufacturing

Experience our cloud platform to realize faster and smoother hardware

manufacturing. You focus on designing, we handle the PCB fabrication,

parts sourcing, and PCB Assembly.

An easier way to build

Upload your Gerber, BOM&CPL files to get instant quote on PCB, components and assembly. Assembly Prices start at $8.00 setup fee, and $0.0017 assembly fee per joint.
A DFM analysis will be generated after you order the boards, allowing you to spot potential mistakes before it goes into production. You can also track order status in real-time.
By streamlining the entire process from ordering, parts sourcing and PCBA prototyping, you can get your products in hands as fast as one week. Allowing you to iterate, improve and deliver on time or even
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Production Progress
Data Preparation
2021-9-23 08:13:37
Data Finished
2021-9-23 21:00:03
Solder Paste Printing
2021-9-26 12:34:12
Machine Placement
2021-9-26 13:12:06
Reflow Soldering
2021-9-26 23:32:08
SMT Assembly Finished
2021-9-26 23:32:12
Final Inspection
2021-9-27 05:57:28

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In-Stock parts

Hands-off Sourcing

JLCPCB have 560k+ Components In-stock. You don’t have to worry about parts sourcing, this helps you to save time and hassle, also keeps your costs down.

Moreover, you can pre-order parts and hold the inventory at JLCPCB, giving you peace-of-mind that you won't run into any last minute part shortages.

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Quality Assurance

We've connected the state-of-the-art production equipment with advanced management systems in order to expedite the PCBA process while maintaining high quality.

We only source components from authorized distributors in order to guarantee components' durability, quality & performance.
All boards are manufactured and assembled in JLCPCB, ensure consistency and quality with everything we build.
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