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Most Efficient PCB Solutions for engineers and hobbyists - JLCPCB

Welcome to JLCPCB
Faster One-stop Electronic Manufacturing

Founded in 2006, JLC works on building a one-stop industrial electronic platform, realizing digital PCBA processing by incorporating EDA, PCB, parts sourcing, and PCBA services. With increasing investment in innovation and digital system, we have been growing fast, and becoming a leading global PCB&PCBA manufacturer, providing the rapid production of high-reliability and cost-effective products.

4,700,000 +


11,500,000 +


280 Acres +

Factory Area

8 Million ㎡ +

Production Capacity/Year

6 Million +

PCBs Produced/Year

180 +

Countries Covered

6000 +



Online Service

* As of January 2022

Our mission

Accelerating Global Hardware Innovation

JLC aims to accelerate hardware innovation by providing millions of enterprises, research institutes, and engineers with one-stop integrated electronic/mechanical service, including EDA software, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, 3D Printing, and CNC Machining. JLC empowers flexible manufacturing through the integration of digital technology, self-built order platform, automated production, and intelligent warehousing. This enables us to meet customer demands for prototypes, small batch production, and the "fast delivery, high quality, customization, one-stop" experience.

Benefits of working with us

  • Higher Quality

    Ensuring quality and its consistent improvement are the two main guidelines of our company.

    Our advanced PCB technology allows us to provide high precision boards suitable for industrial, military, aerospace, and medical applications.

    We are continuously investing top-level base materials and advanced equipments for fully automated production lines, which enables us to offer our customers high throughput with consistently high quality.

    Learn more about our quality management >
  • Lower Cost

    Since 2006, JLCPCB continuously driven to become more efficient and reduce costs. We promise to offer customers the most economic PCBs forever. JLCPCB makes cheapest but top quality PCBs possibly because of scale effect, extremely high production efficiency and less manpower cost.

    • 100%
      Cost Reduction

      in building a hardware project

    • 100%
      Time Saved

      for Create, Debug and Evaluate...

  • Faster Delivery

    Our easy-to-use online ordering system, professional and efficient customer service, digital manufacturing technology, full-automatic production lines, and stable logistics partners make every step to deliver you PCBs faster.

    Learn more about how JLCPCB works >

Case Studies

  • Hermit Retro ZX Spectrum Board

    The Hermit Retro ZX Spectrum Board is a replacement board for original, or reproduction, ZX Spectrum cases. It sports HDMI, USB, I2C and joystick support in addition to a second MicroSD card for holding all your educational programs.

  • Petoi Bittle

    Petoi Bittle is a tiny but powerful robot that can play tricks like real animals. You can bring Bittle to life by assembling its puzzle-like frame and downloading our demo codes on GitHub.

  • SAOSHYANT (Smart Home)

    It can communicate with sensors and actuators via WiFi, LoRa(WAN), and BLE (version 5.0). It has a 4.3" 800x480 TFT display with a capacitive touch panel and onboard sensors to sense gestures, luminosity, proximity, and air conditioning.