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Free Via-in-Pad on 6-20 Layer PCBs with POFV

For international market, JLCPCB via-in-pad on 6- 20 layer PCBs are upgraded to POFV (Plated Over Filled Via) for free and will continue to be the free default for all upcoming high layer count boards. This means its costs will no longer be added to the total price whether it’s a sample or batch order, allowing everyone to truly enjoy the benefits of JLCPCB’s advanced fabrication. (POFV for 4-layer PCBs still requires charges.) Via-in-pad has been widely used in high-end PCBs for many years now, but t......

July 2, 2024

Flex PCB Now Available at JLCPCB From Special Offer of $2

Good news are coming one after another! Right now at JLCPCB, there is a new base material for our beloved customers to choose from. FPC (flexible printed circuit), with high reliability and excellent mechanical flexibility, is now available at JLCPCB, waiting for solving engineers' more project needs. JLCPCB is now offering a special price for quality flex PCBs starting at $2. Also, standard PCBA is supported for your flexible PCB projects. You can upload the Gerber file here for an instant quote. Reg......

June 26, 2024

JLCPCB $4.5/㎡ Off on Quality 4-Layer PCBs

Good news for our valued customers! We are thrilled to announce a price reduction for small-batch orders of 4-layer PCBs. Now, you can enjoy a special discount of $4.5 per square meter, reducing the board charge from $75.1/m² to $70.6/m². Despite the lower price, JLCPCB never compromises on quality and adhere to the highest standards of excellence in our PCB fabrication process, including the full-film process on PCB manufacturing, the use of true A-grade substrates, four-wire low resistance via check......

Apr 25, 2024

JLCPCB's Free Via-in-Pad Process Boosts PCB Design Efficiency by 200%

Have you ever faced this PCB design challenge of trying to route out a pin that is completely surrounded, especially when working with fine-pitch ICs or BGA-packaged components? This issue is demonstrated in the image below, where pin U1_B7 cannot be easily routed out as it is surrounded on all sides: Traditional Routing Solutions - Pros and Cons When faced with a pin that is completely surrounded and unable to be routed out, PCB designers typically have two main options to address the challenge: Opti......

Apr 17, 2024

From Concept to Production: JLCPCB Launches Full-Service PCB Design Solution

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new PCB Layout Services. With our extensive 17-year experience in PCB manufacturing and years of dedicated research and development in EasyEDA PCB design software, we are uniquely positioned to offer highly professional insights into PCB schematics. We meticulously consider factors such as performance, manufacturability, and cost, ensuring that we deliver the best circuit boards at competitive prices and with the fastest turnaround time. What service does ......

Apr 12, 2024

Breaking Stereotypes with JLCPCB's New Service: Multi-color Silkscreen PCB

Nerd? Unfashionable? Devoid of creativity? It's time to change the world's stereotypical view of tech guys! Let's bring something fresh and innovative. Look, this is JLCPCB's newly launched Multi-color Silkscreen service, which allows you to incorporate any image design you like onto your PCB.Come and give it a try, make your PCB more than just a boring board! (JLCPCB Multi-color Silkscreen PCB) What is Multi-color Silkscreen Multi-color Silkscreen,also known as Full-color Silkscreen PCBs or Full-colo......

Apr 1, 2024

Exciting Launch of Free X Resin 3D Printing Event by JLC3DP

JLC3DP, a subsidiary of JLCPCB dedicated to providing customers with high-value online 3D printing and CNC machining services, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Free X Resin 3D Printing Event. This initiative reflects our dedication to promoting 3D printing technology and aims to enable more users, regardless of budget constraints, to enjoy the convenience and benefits of 3D printing. What is X Resin>> More details The Following materials are included in the X-resin; The Free X Resin 3D Printi......

Mar 18, 2024

JLCPCB Announces 'Get Free PCBA Components' Campaign for Electronics Enthusiasts

November 30, 2023 -- JLCPCB, a leading provider of PCB manufacturing and assembly services, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exciting new campaign, 'Get Free PCBA Components,' aimed at empowering PCB enthusiasts with genuine electronic components at no cost. As a company committed to delivering exceptional value and service to its customers, JLCPCB understands the importance of cost-effectiveness and convenience in the PCB manufacturing process. With the " Get Free PCBA Components" campaign, ......

Mar 12, 2024

Get Free Flexible PCBs with Our Exclusive $15 Coupon Offer

The event has concluded. For more discounts, please check the coupon center. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At JLCPCB, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality printed circuit boards, we are thrilled to announce an exciting promotion for enthusiasts and professionals in the electronics industry! We've launched an exclusive campaign centered on our Flexible Printed Circuit Board......

Mar 5, 2024

JLCPCB's 6-20 Layers PCBs: Free Upgrade to ENIG 2u"

JLCPCB has been dedicated to providing advanced multi-layer PCBs, ranging from 6 to 20 layers, that have received immense praise and recognition from countless customers. To fulfill our commitment to accelerating global hardware innovation and enabling more users to economically and efficiently complete their projects, we introduced free PCB assembly services last year. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce the introduction of our Free Upgrade Immersion Gold Thickness service. This enhancement aim......

Feb 29, 2024

Keep Production on Lunar New Year Holiday 2024

Time flies! We are once again grateful for the year we've spent with every customer around the world. As the Lunar New Year holiday approaches from February 4th to 16th, we assure you that our production will continue uninterrupted to support your sparks of innovation throughout the holiday, providing the same high-quality manufacturing services for PCB, PCBA, 3D Printing, CNC machining, and JLCMC Mechatronic Parts Purchase as we always do. Below are the specs available during the Lunar New Year holid......

Feb 5, 2024

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