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The issue of PTH in four-layer boards

If we can't do blind vias, only PTH in four-layer boards. How can the mid layers of the board be connected?

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Shipment to EU with duty paid

Hi, What type of shipment should I choose for shipment to EU with duty paid? Regards Henrik

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Replacement of geberfile .zip

How do I replace wrong gerber datas in running process? I received a mail, that there is a lost of solder mask. Order hsit......

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Thickness of inner layers

For a multi-layer board, can I specify the thickness of inner layers?

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BGA 0.4 mm pitch - can you do it? What are your recommendations?

Dear support team, con you make the PCB (4-6 layers) with BGA footprint as follows: Pitch 0.4 mm Pad diameter 0.25mm Via/H......

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Can ODB++ files be used to order?

Hi, can ODB++ files be used to order PCBs or Gerber only? We have a customer who only exports their manifacturing data as ......

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Can you print multiple parts in 1 file ?

Can you print multiple parts in 1 file ? I would like to do some prototypes.

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PCB cutout minumum radius and remaining wall thickness.

Hi, I want to make a PCB with 2.0mm thickness, that contains a lot of cutouts (refer to the image). Q1: what is the minimu......

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Aluminum pcb vias

It would be our intention to make an aluminum pcb so that all plated vias have a complete electrical connection with the a......

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How to generate gerber data

To the person in charge Could you show me how to generate gerber data in "CR-8000 Design Force" ?

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overhang angle

Hi, what would be the maximum overhang angle for avoiding support ?

1 Reply Asked by 38*******7A
Infill for FDM printing

Hi, what is the infill percentage of your FDM printing ?

1 Reply Asked by 46*******8A
I need some small custom-made boxes

can you suggest a software I can use for 3D printing

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Shipping policy about multiple items

If a buyer purchases several PCB prototypes from you, and one of them is ready for shipment before the others, how is ship......

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Aluminum Thermal Insulation Thickness

When making a PCB using Aluminum base, what is the typical thickness of the thermal insulation layer between the copper an......

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Flex stiffener stackup

In a 2 layer flex pcb, is the stiffener internal to the two PCB layers?

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Reports generating

Do you provide Bare Board Test Report of PCB.

1 Reply Asked by 66*******1A
Serial numbering

Does JLCPCB have a solution to add a sequencing serial number to PCB production?

1 Reply Asked by 60*******9A
Buying certain parts seperatly

hi, Im looking to make an PCBA order but im wondering if it is possible to buy some part of my BoM seperately. (so they ar......

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316L material

Hello, is there a glossy polish as an option for your 316L metal ?

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