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Do you assembly only SMT components or also through-hole? If so, how that changes your conditions?

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PCB Assembly of unavailable components

I currently would like to order a PCBA where there are two parts out of stock. Part 1 C89852 lists Inventory Shortage Part......

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Inventory shortage

I want to send a pcb to assembly but one of my component say "Inventory shortage" what can you do or what can i do? how do......

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Can SLM(metal) be print out the thread?

Hi, I want to print the M62x0.75 External thread. Can SLM print do that?

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Aluminum PCB stackup

Hello, What is the layer stackup for the Aluminum PCB? Is there an insulating coating on the outside of the bare aluminum ......

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Hello, For order Y5-5112557A I need a V-score cut in middle of the board, I have added a user defined layer in the gerber ......

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How do I order a PCB with no components.

How do I order a PCB with no components. I have uploaded a gerber file but your program wants a BOM etc too.

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What's the difference between Panel by Customer and Panel by JLCPCB?

My gerber file is already panel by v-cut. So should I choose panel by customer or panel by JLCPCB?

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What is the time zone for the time shown in the order progress?

What is the time zone shown in the order progress when i check the order status in order history? Is it local time zone or......

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How do I specify the stencil thickness that I need?

I'd like to specify the thickness of my stencil. What thickness do you have for stencil, and how do I specify the thicknes......

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