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Get Free Flexible PCBs with Our Exclusive $15 Coupon Offer

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Get Free Flexible PCBs with Our Exclusive $15 Coupon Offer

Mar 5, 2024

The event has concluded. For more discounts, please check the coupon center.


At JLCPCB, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality printed circuit boards, we are thrilled to announce an exciting promotion for enthusiasts and professionals in the electronics industry! We've launched an exclusive campaign centered on our Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPCs), offering a generous $15 discount coupon to support your innovative projects.

Direct link to the promotion:

During this special promotion,  customers who meet the following criteria can get their FPC completely free of charge:

5 pieces of 2-layer FPCs,100x100mm with yellow coverlay, no stiffener or PI stiffener, PCB Thickness 0.11mm, processed by default methods.

If the FPC specifications you require differ from this offer or if your total exceeds $15, don't worry—you can still use this coupon to save $15 on your purchase.

Delving deeper into the technological prowess of JLCPCB's FPC offerings, our products stand out in the market for their exceptional material and manufacturing quality. JLCPCB's FPCs boast a construction of 100% adhesiveless base materials, ensuring a pure and robust foundation for your circuits. We employ the advanced 100% LDI photolithography technology, which allows for unparalleled precision in circuit patterning. Moreover, our commitment to self-manufacturing guarantees that every FPC we produce meets our stringent standards for quality control and performance.

The versatility of our FPCs is unmatched. These circuits are not only lightweight and flexible but also fully customizable. Whether your design calls for complex contours or specific dimensions, JLCPCB is equipped to deliver FPCs that conform perfectly to your specifications. This adaptability makes our FPCs ideal for a wide array of applications, from wearables and portable electronics to medical devices and aerospace components.

Embrace the potential of JLCPCB's FPC technology and let your imagination take flight. With our promotion, there has never been a better time to experiment and innovate without constraints. We invite you to take advantage of this limited-time offer and experience the difference that JLCPCB's quality and expertise can make in your projects.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have seen their projects come to life with JLCPCB's FPCs. We are eager to support your creativity and look forward to being a part of your next groundbreaking electronic endeavor.


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