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JLCPCB $4.5/㎡ Off on Quality 4-Layer PCBs

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JLCPCB $4.5/㎡ Off on Quality 4-Layer PCBs

Mar 6, 2024

Good news for our valued customers! We are thrilled to announce a price reduction for small-batch orders of 4-layer PCBs. Now, you can enjoy a special discount of $4.5 per square meter, reducing the board charge from $75.1/m² to $70.6/m².

Despite the lower price, JLCPCB never compromises on quality and adhere to the highest standards of excellence in our PCB fabrication process, including the full-film process on PCB manufacturing, the use of true A-grade substrates, four-wire low resistance via checks, advanced solder mask LDI technology and so on. Place your order on the JLCPCB official website today for outstanding results! Up to $54 sign-up coupons for every new user.

Calculate Your Savings for 4-Layer PCBs

Let's consider a 1-square-meter order as an example.

Placing an order for 100mm*100mm 100pcs 4-layer PCB with basic parameters on the JLCPCB online quote page, you'll see the board price on the shopping cart is only $70.60, resulting in a total charge of $106.30 for the 4-layer PCBs. Save you over $100 compared to the market.

Calculate Your Savings for 4-Layer PCBs

If you place a 5-square-meter order.

For example placing a 100mm*100mm 500pcs 4-layer PCB order withbasic parameters, the total price on the shopping cart is just $421.10, with the board charge only $353.  Compared to the market, you can save over $300 on this order. An extremely cost-effective choice, isn't it?

The efforts made by JLCPCB on the production side have always been aimed at helping engineers worldwide overcome cost barriers in their pursuit of innovation.

Lower Prices, Same Quality

At JLCPCB, we are committed to delivering cost-effective PCB manufacturing solutions without compromising on the performance, durability, and reliability of our PCBs. Our dedication to excellence is backed by JLCPCB 5 intelligence production bases which continuously strive for improvement. Through diligent efforts, we have optimized inefficient processes, enhanced the layout of our PCB production lines, and implemented a comprehensive automated intelligent management system. These ongoing initiatives have yielded promising outcomes, particularly in the small-batch production of 4-layer PCBs. That's the reason where the price reduction comes from.

JLCPCB strives to share our years of PCB manufacturing expertise with engineers and makers, effectively converting our production advantages into their competitive edge.

Quality Focus: Key Promises of JLCPCB Manufacture

  1. All circuit boards are manufactured using the full-film process, without resorting to negative film.
  2. JLCPCB uses four-wire low resistance to check vias, ensuring superior reliability.
  3. JLCPCB's multi-layer boards, including 4-layer PCBs, employ LDI for circuit solder mask alignment, allowing for equal-sized solder mask openings and improved solder mask bridges.

JLCPCB Offers in 2023

  1. Flexible PCBs: offering a special price for quality flex PCBs starting at $15.
  2. $2 special offer for 1-8 layer PCBs (5 pcs).
  3. Free assembly for 1-6 layer PCBs with the monthly redeemed SMT coupon.
  4. High frequency PCBs, starting from $99.5 for Rogers boards (5 pcs) and $50.35 for Teflon boards (5 pcs).

PCBs serve as the foundation of the electronic world. As a PCB manufacturer, JLCPCB embraces the responsibility of driving technological innovation. JLC's relentless efforts and accumulated expertise in production translate into reliable support for millions of electronic engineers and makers. JLCPCB is able to assist you in achieving technology breakthroughs faster and better, even if you only have a simple workbench around.

At present, JLCPCB provides 24-hour PCB production turnaround, has 430k+ in-stock electronic components, and offers global parts sourcing for one-stop PCBA solutions. Additionally, JLC has expanded services to include 3D printing and CNC machining to meet diverse development needs.  Leveraging economies of scale in production, JLC is able to provide customers with the best prices so that to remove cost barriers in hardware development. Right now, on JLCPCB, there are up to $54 register coupons for every new user. Sign up here to unleash your creativity and explore endless possibilities together with JLCPCB!

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