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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly - JLCPCB

1 - 4 Layers

From $2 /5pcs

Build Time: 24 hours

1-2L - $2 for 100×100mm PCBs
4L - $2 for 50×50mm PCBs
FR4, Aluminum, Copper, Rogers, PTFE
6 - 20 Layers

From $2 /5pcs

Build Time: 4 days

6-8L - $2 for 50×50mm PCBs
6-20L - Free via-in-pad with POFV
Controlled impedance PCB
Flex PCBs

From $15 /5pcs

Build Time: 4 days

Electro-Deposited (ED) copper
Support PI, FR4, 3M tape stiffeners
Support PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly

From $8 /5pcs

Build Time: 24 hours

Free DFM File Check
Support Rigid and Flex PCBs
SMT Stencil

From $7 /1pcs

Build Time: 24 hours

High precision stainless steel Stencil
Laser cutting by state-of-the-art LPKF machine
3D Printing

From $0.3

Build Time: 3 days

Price as low as $0.07/g
Resin, Nylon, Metal, ABS Materials
CNC Machining

From $8

Build Time: 3 days

Milling (3-, 4- & full 5-axis), Turning
Aluminum, Copper, Plastic
Tolerance down to 0.05mm
Mechatronic Part

Cost Saving up to 68%

Ultra-fast Delivery in 24 Hours
Thousands of parts In-stock
Support Customized Parts



Our low-cost and fast-turnaround service allows you the freedom to iterate and explore different design possibilities. Experience the power of our advanced smart factories and fully automatic equipment! With turnaround times as short as 24 hours for manufacturing and 1-2 days for assembly, we prioritize both efficiency and quality, ensuring that over 98% of our orders are shipped on time.

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