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FPC Imposition Design Specification

FPC Imposition Design Specification

FPC imposition does not support stamps and V-CUT process, only need to design the connecting bridge.

FPC design requirements are as follows:

1. Imposition spacing: the spacing between panels is generally 2mm, and the spacing with steel sheet reinforcement is recommended to be 3mm;

2. Craft edge design:

The process edge width is 5mm, and it needs to be added on all four sides;

Copper needs to be covered on the process edge, and the distance between the copper skin and the light spot opening and positioning hole should be more than 0.5mm;

Four positioning holes with a diameter of 2mm are added on the process edge, and one of them needs to be staggered by 5mm for error prevention;

Four SMT optical dots with a diameter of 1mm are added, and the center of the optical dot is 3.85mm from the edge of the board. One of them needs to be staggered by 5mm for error prevention.

3. The length of the connecting bridge is 0.7-1.0mm, and the connecting bridge in the steel sheet reinforcement area should be 1mm as much as possible, and the bridge should be increased appropriately to prevent the expansion and contraction deformation of the FPC caused by the excessive weight of the steel sheet, which will affect the subsequent SMT;

4. The maximum size of imposition is 250X500mm, and the minimum size is 70*70mm;

5. Optical points of SMT bad boards: For boards that need to be patched, optical points of bad boards need to be added next to each small board. When the small board FPC production is scrapped, the board factory will blacken the corresponding optical points, and the placement machine After identification, there will be no packaging, saving costs;

FPC design

6. Steel sheet reinforcement imposition: The distance between the steel sheet reinforcement position plate and the plate should be more than 3mm; the steel sheet area needs to be grooved around the plate, and the width is 0.8mm, which is convenient for laser forming.

                 Steel sheet reinforcement imposition

7. During mass production, the utilization rate of the board must be considered in the imposition, otherwise the price will be relatively high, and the width is designed to be within 119mm. In addition, the board size of the line width and line spacing below 3mil cannot be too large.

Last updated on Sept 15, 2023