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Multi-Layer PCB Standard Laminated Structures

Multi-Layer PCB Standard Laminated Structures

In response to our customers' strong requests, JLCPCB has added multiple laminate structures and proprietary structures to our offerings (currently we have already added more than 200, with continuous updates, click here to check), which can greatly satisfy product structure designs and impedance requirements. At the same time, we offer standard free impedance testing (impedance tolerance ±20%) and precision impedance testing (chargeable). You can freely choose these when making an order.

Impedance Control Design Information

1. Copper Layer Thickness

Outer Layer Finished Copper Thickness (1 oz)Inner Layer Finished Copper Thickness (0.5 oz)Inner Layer Finished Copper Thickness (1 oz)
1.6 mil0.6 mil1.2 mil

2. Soldermask Thickness (Dielectric Constant 3.8)

Soldermask Thickness On FR-4Soldermask Thickness On CopperSoldermask Thickness Between Traces
1.2 mil0.6 mil1.2 mil

3. Laminate Naming Scheme

Laminate Naming Scheme

Impedance Calculation Tools                                                                                      

1. Basic knowledge about impedance can be referenced in the impedance design instruction (click to open).

2. For impedance value calculation, we recommend using the online "JLCPCB Impedance Calculator" , dielectric constant, and usage methods.

3. Use the JLCPCB Impedance Calculator in conjunction with your selected laminate structure to design the line width and spacing.

Laminate Illustrations

Laminate Illustrations

Key reminders

1. The PP thickness in the laminate structure is the thickness after lamination and is not the thickness as provided by the supplier;

2. The DK value in the laminate structure is deduced according to the actual situation and not the raw data provided by the supplier;

3. The obsolete 2313 laminate structure used 2313 type PP sheets, it is the same thickness and DK(Er) value as the new 3313 type PP sheets and can be used with confidence;

4. The copper thickness in the laminate is the finished product copper thickness. For example, for an inner layer of 0.5 oz, the thickness provided by the supplier is 0.0175 mm. However, due to small amounts of loss during inner layer treatment steps such as deoxidation, an actual thickness of 0.0152 mm is more accurate.

Currently we are capable of 4–32 layer PCB manufacturing. For a complete list of the laminate structures available, please check on the ordering webpage:

the ordering webpage

Last updated on Apr 29, 2024