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Exciting Launch of Free X Resin 3D Printing Event by JLC3DP

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Exciting Launch of Free X Resin 3D Printing Event by JLC3DP

Mar 18, 2024

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JLC3DP, a subsidiary of JLCPCB dedicated to providing customers with high-value online 3D printing and CNC machining services, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Free X Resin 3D Printing Event. This initiative reflects our dedication to promoting 3D printing technology and aims to enable more users, regardless of budget constraints, to enjoy the convenience and benefits of 3D printing.

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The Following materials are included in the X-resin;

The Free X Resin 3D Printing Event offers participants the opportunity to receive free samples, including high-value special resin materials such as Imagine Black and 8001 transparent materials. We look forward to providing participants with an experience full of anticipation and surprises as they await the arrival of their mysterious resin samples.

X resin free prototyping as one of our welfare policies, aimed at enabling more users to try and enjoy the fun of 3D printing technology. Through this event, we hope to provide enthusiasts and professionals with a unique opportunity to experience our leading X Resin products firsthand.

X Resin, introduced by JLC3DP, represents a revolutionary advancement in promoting resin printing technology. By employing the concept of blind box resin, X Resin offers participants a new resin printing experience, with the chance to obtain diverse high-value resin materials.

For manufacturers, engineers, and individual enthusiasts, X Resin is ideal for project validation and preliminary sampling. With no minimum order requirements, participants are free to explore the potential of resin printing technology according to their needs.

The X Resin is ideal for sample validation, collectibles, and personal DIY projects, it is not suitable for mass production or parts requiring specific performance and precision,and we encourage users to choose specialized materials for such purposes."

Please note that due to the unique resin allocation mechanism of X Resin, orders may be printed on devices with different parameters, resulting in differences in color and precision. However, such differences are normal, and we do not provide after-sales support for this reason.

The Free X Resin 3D Printing Event offers enthusiasts and professionals a unique opportunity to explore resin printing technology. Don't miss out!

For more information and to participate in the Free X Resin 3D Printing Event, visit X Rein Free Prototyping Activity


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