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JLCPCB Hosts Strange Parts for Factory Visit and Unveils Secrets of Flexible PCB Manufacturing

News  /  JLCPCB Hosts Strange Parts for Factory Visit and Unveils Secrets of Flexible PCB Manufacturing

JLCPCB Hosts Strange Parts for Factory Visit and Unveils Secrets of Flexible PCB Manufacturing

Sept 20, 2023

Sep 2, 2023, Shao Guan, Guang Dong. In a visit aimed at unveiling the secrets of flexible PCB manufacturing,  JLCPCB hosts the popular YouTube channel Strange Parts for a factory visit and tour of its latest technology manufacturing. The below video introduces each step of the manufacturing process of Flexible PCB. From material preparation, circuit printing, component placement, soldering, testing, and stiffener attachment, witnessing the complete production process of FPC from raw material to finished assembled circuit boards.

Flexible PCB, also known as FPC, or flex PCB, is crucial in modern electronic devices with their remarkable bending and folding capabilities. They offer high reliability and excellent mechanical flexibility, making them widely used in industries such as consumer electronics, communication devices, medical instruments, automotive, aerospace, and military.

The factory director of JLCPCB stated, "We are honored to have the opportunity to showcase our expertise and excellent capabilities in Flex PCB manufacturing to a global audience. JLCPCB has five PCB manufacturing industrial areas, covering an area of more than 280 Acres and serving users over 4.1 Million. We will continue driving innovation and providing customers with the highest-quality electronic manufacturing solutions."

Having high-quality PCBs is crucial to bringing excellent PCB designs to life. JLCPCB is committed to ensuring top-notch production standards by investing in cutting-edge equipment and collaborating with leading raw material suppliers from around the world. JLCPCB's flexible circuit board offers renowned adhesive material, enhanced heat resistance and dimensional stability, and customization options with a variety of multi-color choices.

JLCPCB is excited to announce a special offer on high-quality flexible PCB, starting at just $16. In addition to manufacturing flexible PCB, JLCPCB is also supported for flexible PCB assembly. To further support customers in their hardware innovation journey, JLCPCB extends a warm welcome to new users with up to $54 in registered coupons. This offer empowers innovators to explore the possibilities of flexible PCB and other PCB manufacturing options without financial constraints.


JLCPCB is a leading online one-stop electronic & mechatronic platform, offering PCB manufacturing, assembly, components service,3D printing, and CNC machining to electronic engineers and designers worldwide. With a focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, JLCPCB has established itself as a trusted partner for innovators and industry professionals.

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