What is panel by JLCPCB?


JLCPCB can help you to multiply your single design on a panel. Please see the following picture for example.


On this panel you will get 10 sub-boards, and the way to panelize board is 5pcs on X direction and 2pcs on Y direction.

Edge rails is available for your panel, we can add a 5mm board edge to your panel for both sides as shown on the image.




How to order it on our website?


If you want a panel like the example before(panelized by 5x2), you need to place your order on our website like below, entering x=5, Y=2:






1,When PCB panelizing option is checked, the PCB Qty you placed on our website will be the number of the panel. For example, 50 individual PCBs are needed in total, panelized by 5X2, 10pcs per panel, the PCB Qty you shall place on our website will be 5 pieces.


2,V-cut cannot be applied to your panel in the following situations.

3, We only provide panelizing service for board with a regular shape like circle, rectangle and square. For complex board shape, you need to panelized by yourself, and V-cut may cannot be applied to your panel if the board shape is too complex.


4, If there is connection between your panel, please make sure a minimum connection size of 3mm, min connection size of 5mm when there is stamping holes on the connection.


5, For different board thickness, the max panel size we can fabricate are as follow:

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