For now, we have 0.4mm、0.6mm、0.8mm、1.0mm、1.2mm、1.6mm、2.0mm thickness.

Here are some small tips for you :

(1) About 0.40 mm thickness board,we only accept ENIG-ROHS and we can not make it with panel, and it is not available for 1 layer PCB

(2) About 0.60mm thickness, the maximum size we suggest is 100mm*100mm. And it is not available for 1 layer, 4 layer and 6 layer.

(3) About 0.8mm-1.0mm thickness,the maximum size we suggest is 300mm*300mm.

(4) For 4 layers, the board thickness needs to be 0.8 mm at least; for 6 layers, it needs to be 1.2 mm at least.


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