Gold fingers are the gold-plated columns along the connecting edges of printed circuit boards (PCBs), please see the following picture for reference. Gold fingers is served as the connecting contacts between motherboards and components like graphics or sound cards. PCB gold fingers are also used in various other devices that communicate via digital signals, such as smart phones and smart watches. Gold is used for the connecting points along a PCB because of the alloy’s superior conductivity.

gold finger.png



1, Currently you can only check "ENIG-ROHS" on our website for the option gold finger.

2, Generally we will make 45 degree beveled for the finger. If you don't want 45° beveled for the finger, please leave us a remark when you place the order.

3, A board with a size of smaller than 5x5mm cannot be beveled.

5, For the finger required to be 45° beveled, enough space shall be left between the finger to the board edge to prevent a cut of your finger, please refer to the safe space as following for different board thickness:

gold finger2.png

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