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How to Fix PCBE Gerbers for JLCPCB

How to Fix PCBE Gerbers for JLCPCB

PCBE is a PCB editor by T.Takatoya and is free to use.

Figure 1. PCBE

The Problem

CAM tool used at JLCPCB can’t parse the Gerbers from PCBE directly, it throws out some error messages. Mostly it’s because the CAM tool can’t parse the 2nd long line correctly.


Fix the File

Gerber files are nothing else but some human-readable plain text files. So we can fix the problem with a text editor.

Step 1

Open a layer with Notepad or your preferred text editor:

Figure 2. Open a layer in Notepad

Step 2

Break the 2nd long line into separate lines, like this:


Now add some % signs to make these lines as valid Gerber lines:

NoteIf the top 2 lines in your files are exactly the same with the 2 lines in this article, you can just copy them.

Now replace the top 2 lines with the new lines and save the file. Continue to replace these 2 lines for every file.

Figure 3. Top 2 lines have been replaced

Last updated on July 24, 2023