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How to Generate Gerber and Drill Files in Fritzing

How to Generate Gerber and Drill Files in Fritzing

Fritzing allows a designer, artist, researcher, or hobbyist to document their Arduino-based prototype and create a PCB layout for manufacturing. — Wikipedia - Fritzing

To produce Gerber files, first, open the fritzing project, switch to the PCB tab.

Now click right on the small drop down arrow (i.e. the small ▼ icon) at the right side of the Export for PCB button. Select File → Export → for Production → Extended Gerber (RS-274X) from the menu bar has the same effect.

Figure 1. Export Gerber button

A dialog will appear that asks you to select the folder to store the Gerber files. Browse to the place you want and click Select Folder button to confirm.

       Note     You can click the New folder button to create a target folder.

Figure 2. Select folder

After you click the Select Folder button, all Gerber files and the drill file will be exported to the folder automatically. You can confirm this by opening this folder.

Figure 3. The exported files

Now you can open all files in a Gerber viewer (such as Gerbv) and inspect every layer, see if they match your design in Fritzing.

Figure 4. Check Gerbers in Gerbv

If everything is OK, zip the folder, upload it to JLCPCB to place the order.

Figure 5. Preview of the board in after uploading

Last updated on Jan 2, 2024