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How to submit the CNC order Complaint

How to submit the CNC order Complaint

If you encounter any issues with the CNC machining parts upon receiving your parcel, we've got you covered. Our dedicated after-sale team at JLC3DP is ready to assist you in analyzing the problem and providing suitable solutions.

How to submit a Quality Complaint:

1.Get Access to the Quality Complaint Button

In your order history, locate the specific order where you've identified problems.
Click on the "Quality Complaint" button for the respective order.

2.Submit the online Quality Complaint Form

Choose the issue type, fill in the quantity, provide a detailed description, and upload images of the problem. This step is crucial for our tech support team to quickly identify and resolve the issue. Expect a response within 24 hours on working days after submission.

For a swift resolution, please ensure the following details are provided:
1 Problem Description:
Include a detailed description of the problem along with images showcasing the issue.
2 Problem Location:
Clearly circle the problematic area on the picture of the damaged product.
3 Quantity of Parts Affected:
Display all parts with issues in a single picture to help us accurately assess the situation.

3.Monitoring the Progress

To stay informed about the progress of your quality complaint and the response from our after-sales specialist, revisit the order history and click the "Quality Complaint" button again in the same location.

At JLC3DP, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and resolving any concerns promptly. Your feedback is invaluable, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide the best possible service.

Last updated on Feb 26, 2024