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Panelizing your PCB for Assembly

Panelizing your PCB for Assembly

What is Panelizing PCB?

A certain number of single boards of the same design are combined into a large board in a certain panel method, which enables a larger number of single boards to be processed and produced at one time.

Panel method: V-cut , Mouse-bites, Bridge-even

Suggested length of each side for panel board: 150 -200mm

Suggested No.of single board per panel:2-6

Advantages of panel boards

1. The production efficiency for PCB will be improved. Some special panel formats can reduce PCB processing costs. 

2. The assembly efficiency will be greatly improved since more single PCBs will be loaded and assembled at one time 

1. Panel by JLCPCB is highly recommended if the single PCB Qty is more than 50

2. When PCB assembly is selected, the system will suggest panel format. If you would like to adjust the panel format, Click "Pls help me make the panel". 


How to avoid additional fabrication costs for assembly

When calculating the price of PCB Assembly, there is a minimum processing cost of single board, which is $ /pc. For a specific order, if the actual assembly processing cost of single board is less than $ /pcs, $ /pc is taken as calculated.

Assembly processing cost=Set up fee+feeders loading fee+SMT assembly fee

Assembly processing cost of single board=Assembly processing cost/ PCB Qty

For prototype orders, please do not worry as the surcharge standard is invalid. The surcharge will only occur when the single PCB Qty is nearly or more than 100pcs.  Please kindly note that we highly suggest customers using panel boards to avoid the surcharge and also improve the production efficiency. 

Last updated on Sept 5, 2023