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JLC Online API Available Now (Temporarily closed)

JLCPCB developed a set of APIs(Application Programming Interfaces), which are designed to help some PCB trading companies to save their time and manpower on PCB sourcing and communication between customers and JLCPCB.

*Please note there are several things that API partners are not allowed:

1. Use the JLCPCB trademark on their own websites.

2. Use the 'JLC' characters in the URL.

3. Use the JLCPCB logo in advertisements.

Once a violation is found, the violators' JLCPCB API access rights and all accounts on JLCPCB will be suspended immediately. JLCPCB currently has no distribution partnership programs.


General Option - Pricing API

Includes Pricing API, meet the need of Pricing or Comparing Price. This API is suitable for those who have website developer.

Upgrade Option - Ordering API

Includes APIs for Gerber Uploading, Automatic Pricing, PCB & Stencil Ordering, Order Status Tracking. These APIs are suitable for company partners who have website developers, have rich experience in importing PCB from China and can achieve the goal of certain amount of orders monthly.


Every partner is planning on developing an application that will connect with a JLC API and who ordered more than $15000 per year at JLCPCB, can send email to catherine via for application.

* Not every applicant can access the right of using JLC API, because all application need to be reviewed by JLC and approval will be based on partners' company & business situation, so if you are still interested in API and want to build stronger business relationship with JLC, feel free to drop email to .  

* JLC API support team will not provide code review or code solution so applicants should have website developers.

* JLC will not know any information of partners' customers.

Last updated on Feb 1, 2023

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