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Global Sea Shipment Instructions

Global Sea Shipment Instructions

In order to meet the requirement of more economic shipping method for big orders, JLCPCB has launched the sea shipment to some countries. Customers can place the order with sea shipment directly on our website ( if it is supported, there will be s special service team to serve your order after finished production. Currently we are keeping expanding the shipping channels for different countries, if you have a preference for logistics providers for your order, please inform us.

Trade Terms

The default trade term we provide for sea shipment is CIF terms (Cost, Insurance and Freight).

If customers want to change the trade term, please contact JLCPCB customer service and JLCPCB logistics team for confirmation by email before placing an order. The contact information of customer service and logistics team is attached at the end of this article.

Cost and Freight

As mentioned before the trade term JLCPCB provided is CIF by default, so the estimated shipping cost we provide on our website will cover the costs from our factory to customer designated port. Customs fees, import duties & taxes and the inland transportation fees from the port to customer warehouse is not included.

The shipping cost we charge is based on the estimated weight on our website, the shipping cost might be adjusted according to the actual weight of packaged goods, and if there is any difference in weight we will make a refund or apply for a supplementary freight to customers.

For the convenience of transportation, JLCPCB will pack your goods with plastic pallets by default. If there is any other packing requirement please contact us.

When you choose EXW or FOB terms, you can work with your own forwarder, JLCPCB will return the freight that you have paid when placing the order.

When you choose DDU or DDP service, JLCPCB will be responsible to deliver the goods to the place you specify. There might be customs fees and delivery fees at the port of destination,which JLCPCB will charge you before delivery.


According to the trade term, JLCPCB has fulfilled its obligation and responsibility when the order is handed over to carrier. However, no matter what kind of abnormal situation happens, JLCPCB will actively keep in touch with you and carrier to ensure smooth delivery of your order.

Customers will bear different responsibilities according to different trade terms they choose. Let's take CIF trade term for instance, customers will bear the responsibilities included as follow but not limited to:

  • Providing detailed delivery address and contact information.
  • Cooperating with customs clearance at the destination port and providing the documents required for customs clearance.Pay all taxes and fees on import in a timely manner.

Please confirm that you have made clearly understood all your responsibilities and rights before placing an order. The customer needs to bear all the losses, If a customer fails to fulfill the corresponding responsibilities. (including but not limited to customs deduction, fines, etc.).

Shipping Date

Due to different countries and ports, the shipping time is different. When you place an order, JLCPCB logistics team will email you with the expected departure time, voyage time, arrival time and other information.

JLCPCB can not 100% guarantee that the goods will arrive at the port of destination within the predicted time, but JLCPCB will keep you updated on the latest situation of the ship and goods.

Service Support

Customer Service Email:

Logistics Service Email:

Last updated on May 20, 2024