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DFM Main Interface Help: PCB

DFM Main Interface Help: PCB

Main Interface

The interface is divided into different sections for explanation.

Section A: Main Graphic Rendering Area. Detailed information is provided below.

Section B: Toolbar. The toolbar contains buttons for quick operations. Hovering the mouse over an icon will display a tooltip explaining its function. Some features will be disabled (grayed out) in certain contexts, such as "Undo" and "Redo" in the current PCB mode where editing is not supported. However, in the SMT mode, component editing is enabled.

Section C: Displays the name of the original file uploaded by the user.

Section D: Imperial/Metric unit toggle.

Section E: PCB DFM Analysis Control Area. Details are provided below.

Section F: Layer visibility control switches. Details are provided below.

Section G: Mouse coordinates. This area updates in real-time as the mouse moves within Section A.

Main Graphic Rendering Area

1. Scrolling the mouse wheel up or down controls the zoom level of the graphic.

2. Holding the right mouse button and dragging will pan the graphic in the direction of the mouse movement.

3. In 3D view mode, holding the left mouse button and dragging allows you to freely rotate the board.

4. There are four view modes: Gerber, Wireframe, 2D Simulation, and 3D Simulation. These are illustrated in the screenshots below. In simulation view modes, the layer visibility control panel will automatically hide, and the "Top Layer" and "Bottom Layer" switches are used for quick toggling.

DFM Analysis Control Area

1. [DFM Check]: This button initiates a one-click analysis, displaying key analysis results under the All tab.

2. Overview: This tab provides basic information about the board, which is useful for evaluating prototyping costs.

3. All: Displays the results of the [DFM Check] analysis, as shown in the screenshot on the right. The Statistics column shows the number of each analysis item, categorized by alert level into red, orange, and green (detailed in the alert level description). The Operation column provides a Detail button. If an analysis has no report, the button will be disabled. The button color indicates the alert level, using the highest level color present. For example, if the button is green, it means there are no danger/warning reports for that item. Clicking the button opens the DFM Analysis Item Result View (detailed in the DFM analysis item result view).

Layer Visibility Control Switches

1. Column 1: Controls the layer visibility switches. Clicking the first "eye" icon toggles All On/All Off. Clicking in Section B also toggles the visibility of the corresponding layer.

2. Edit: Currently reserved and has no actual function, but the color in this area represents the color of the layer in the main rendering area.

3. Layer Type: Hovering the mouse over this area displays the original Gerber file name.

4. Unrecognized layers will be placed in the miscellaneous layers section.

Last updated on June 4, 2024