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Instructions for reselling idle components

Instructions for reselling idle components

Why resell your idle components?

As component volumes increase, unused components may accumulate in your inventory. Selling these idle components on JLC enables you to generate income from items you no longer need, while promoting sustainability by providing others with access to the components they require.

How to resell your idle components?

1. Click 'Parts Manager' at the right upper corner of

2. Select 'My Part Lib' and click 'JLCPCB Parts'

3. Check your part list and click the three dots icon to select 'Sell this Part'

4. Fill the quantity and unit price, then click 'Publish'

5. After publishing, there are will be 'Edit' option.

Notice: Currently, only available JLCPCB parts can be resold. Global sourcing parts and parts consigned form customer are not supported for resale at the moment.

How to cancel resale?

To cancel resale, go to 'My Selling Parts', check the status, and click 'Unpublish'

How to buy resell components?

To buy resell parts, check component details in the parts manager, add idle components to cart, and proceed to checkout.

For SMT orders, purchase available idle components first. Use components from the My Part Lib for matching.

How to download invoices for resell components?

Sellers: Click on 'Sale Details' and then click the 'Download' button to obtain the invoice.

Buyers: Access the parts order history and click the 'Invoice' button to download the invoice.

To use your purchased resell components:

Use purchased resell components only with JLCPCB components. They can not be combined with Global sourcing parts or parts consigned from customers.

How to withdraw your revenue?

To withdraw your revenue, go to "Revenue" in "My Selling Parts" and click "Withdraw"

After submitting a withdrawal request, JLC will review it before processing the transaction.

Last updated on Apr 12, 2024