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Affiliate Program for Electronic Engineers

1. What can Electronic Engineers get?  

①   Get 3D printing or PCB coupons valued $100  within 2 months . The coupon will be added to your JLCPCB account after checking achievements.

② Also get a $5 bonus for each ordered customer every month from your trackable affiliate link.

2. What are the requirements for Electronic Engineers?  

①The person has to have over 2K+ followers in his/her social media network.  (Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, or other online platforms), and posts or videos get the 1K+ traffic average.(show your JLCPCB partner true statistics)

②If you don't have 2K+ followers, related project videos should achieve at least 2K views; articles or social media sharings should achieve 5K views or win any prize.

3. When and How can I apply?  

①It's a long-term project with no deadline. Once you are ready please download and complete the application form and then send it to

② After approval, you will get a trackable affiliate link to collect the ordered customer quantity.

Last updated on Jan 26, 2023

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