Most Seamless Way for PCB
Design and Realization

EasyEDA, the most powerful and easy-to-use PCB design tool, turns a seamless way from design to manufacture into reality. Once PCB design is finalized in EasyEDA, it can be just one click to bring the design into production. Electronic products are developed faster than ever before via EasyEDA and JLCPCB.

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How PCBs flow seamlessly from design to assembly

  • Use parts in JLCPCB Assembled library to design PCB, make better decisions with real-time visibility into parts availability and pricing. Confirm parts selection with confidence.
  • Once finishing your PCB design, click "Generate PCB Fabrication File(Gerber)" to preview your board, then order your design at JLCPCB with one click, and the Gerber files will be automatically uploaded on JLCPCB.
  • Simply generate the BOM and Pick&place files from EasyEDA, and upload them directly into our platform. Our system is compatible with EasyEDA formats.
  • Since you've used parts from JLCPCB library, our system identifies all parts your need directly from the BOM and all parts can be confirmed automatically.
  • Review the parts placement and check the component orientation, to know how we will assemble your board and see the instant price for SMT assembly service.
  • Track the production process in real-time, and receive professionally assembled PCBs in One Week.

A faster way to build electronics

Our online platforms simplifies the PCB manufacturing process at every stage, from design to assembly

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