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Why 600k+ Customers Choosing JLCPCB


Other PCB Companies

( PCBWay, ALLPCB, PCBgogo, FirstPCB, PCBCart, etc. )


• Prototype: $2 for 5 PCBs, any color

• Batch PCB: Only $55, 100pcs, 100*100mm

(1-2 times Cheaper than other manufacturers)

• Prototype: $5+ for 5 PCBs, any color

• Batch PCB: $131+, 100pcs, 100*100mm


• Automatic Online Gerber Viewer

• Easiest Online Quote & Order

• Real-time Production Tracking

• No owned Gerber Viewer

• Order Status Tracking


• 100% E-test & Quality Cert.

• Under 0.05% Complaint Rate

• Highest Repeat Purchase Rate

• 100% E-test & Quality Cert.

• 0.1% Complaint Rate


• 99.9% On-Time Delivery

• Live 24/7 Customer Support

• 24 Hour lead time, no extra fee

• Fast Ship, Factories near HK Aviation Hub

• 99% on-Time Shipping

• Live 24/7 Customer Support

• 24 Hour lead time

The Largest PCB Prototype Enterprise in China

  • 600,000+


  • 15,000+

    Orders Daily

  • 400,000 sq.m.

    Production Capacity/Month

  • 6


  • 13

    Years Founded

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Trusted by Experts and Customers Worldwide

  • Ordering PCBs has never been easier. JLCPCB is the reason for that. They got a simple Gerber file upload feature, many PCB options (including colours) to choose from, an online PCB viewer to double check the PCBs, an unbeatable price and a super fast delivery time. It only takes 1 week to get my PCBs from China to Germany. And all of that great service for a price of (often) only $2! Amazing! I will be using their service for many more years to come.


  • JLCPCB provides that 'holy grail' combination of low cost, super high quality and fast turnaround. I've tried many of the features on offer: 6 board colors, multiple layers, different surface finishes, routing, scoring, bevelling, panelling and so on. Now you can choose from an inventory of 30,000+ SMT components and JLCPCB will populate your boards for you. It's an easy-to-use, world class service.

    Julian Ilett

  • Since I discovered JLCPCB, the way I see my electronic projects has totally changed. Creating custom PCBs has expanded my boundaries to more advanced and clean projects, and JLCPCB provides an amazing quality of production and service, for such a low price it's hard to believe. Plus, if anything is wrong, you are guaranteed to have a personal contact with customer service that will help you figure out a solution for free. I can only recommend!


  • Fast service, many options to choose from, VERY good quality and... delivered to the Netherlands in exactly 1 week! And... I forgot to mention the impossibly low prices for this quality. I am just surprised with every new PCB I order: such a good quality for an amazing price. I'm sure: you will not be disappointed. Just try JLC, the only PCB manufacturer you'll ever need...

    Timmo Meyer, works at Audio Electronics Mattijsen

  • I've used JLC about a dozen times so far and I've never had an issue. I've ordered TH and SMD boards and they've all been perfect. Good prices and fast shipping.

    Chris Collins, Sr. Hardware Engineer at Veex Inc

  • This company does good work for a very reasonable price. I have made two runs with this company the boards have been great, and the service is excellent. If you need custom PCB boards made try this company. I also get the stencil service and the stencils are top notch.

    Andrew Dollins, Sr. Engineer at ATAmated, Inc.