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From Concept to Production: JLCPCB Launches Full-Service PCB Design Solution

News  /  From Concept to Production: JLCPCB Launches Full-Service PCB Design Solution

From Concept to Production: JLCPCB Launches Full-Service PCB Design Solution

Dec 18, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new PCB Layout Services. With our extensive 17-year experience in PCB manufacturing and years of dedicated research and development in EasyEDA PCB design software, we are uniquely positioned to offer highly professional insights into PCB schematics.

We meticulously consider factors such as performance, manufacturability, and cost, ensuring that we deliver the best circuit boards at competitive prices and with the fastest turnaround time.

JLCPCB PCB Design Services

What service does JLCPCB offer for PCB design?

JLCPCB offers a comprehensive range of PCB design services, including layout design, schematic design optimization, and component selection.

What is the ordering process for JLCPCB's PCB Layout services?

1. Place order:

Customers send the schematics to to get a quotation → JLCPCB send the price and payment methods to customers   → Evaluation and confirmation → Design start

2. Layout:

Layer stack-up design  → Design rule settings  → Component placement design  → Confirmation and optimization   → Fanout

3. Routing:

Fanout Optimization → PCB Routing  → Equal-length adjustment  → Routing Optimization   → DRC Check →  Routing Confirmation

4. Adjustment:

Silkscreen Adjustment → Data Output → User Final Confirmation→ Production Debugging→ Archiving projects→ Finish

PCB Design Services 2

What is the price of JLCPCB's PCB Layout services?

Standard PCBAdvanced PCB
Use JLCPCB SMT service USD 0.46/pinUSD 0.55/pin
Without JLCPCB SMT service USD 0.64/pinUSD 0.73/pin

*Advanced PCB refers to HDI boards (design-only)and power boards.

*The minimum order amount is $100.


JLCPCB Layout service final output files:

Gerber:for PCB Production
xls, CSV Coordinate Files:for SMT Assembly
xls BOM (Bill of Materials) File:for Component Procurement and SMT Assembly
DXF:CAD Structural Diagram for PCB Structure
STEP:Full Board PCB 3D Model File, exclusive to EasyEDA Pro
Other Production Files:PCB Production Instructions, Processes, Impedance, Layer Stackup, and other information
Assembly Files:Top and Bottom Silkscreen Assembly Files

PCB Design Services 1

What are the advantages of JLCPCB's PCB layout services?

  • One-stop Solution Service

JLCPCB provides a complete design-to-production service:

PCB layout - PCB Production - PCB Assembly - Components Sourcing -3D Printing - CNC Machining

ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers.

  • Visualized design process

Customers can view and monitor the design process in real-time, ensuring transparency and allowing for immediate feedback.

  • Professional & Standard Design

JLCPCB provides experienced engineer consulting, Free impedance calculation, PCB stack-up and PCB manufacturing process inspection.

  • Free 3D Models Matching

By leveraging JLCPCB's EasyEDA design capabilities, customers can take advantage of free 3D model matching services, effectively reducing the time needed for product structural design.

  • Complex designs

PCB designs involving high-frequency, high-speed, FPC or high-power etc.            

  • Module Reuse for Shorter Delivery

Apply verified modules to improve design efficiency and shorten lead times.

Contact our specialists ( to discuss how JLCPCB can support your PCB project from design through production.