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How to generate Bill of Materials and Centroid File from Proteus ISIS/ARES

Proteus ISIS/ARES(version 7.5 service pack 2) Bill of Materials Generation for JLCPCB Pick and Place Service

Creating the BOM Generation Script (This step is only required once or if Proteus is re-installed.)

Open your completed design in Proteus Schematic Editor and select "Set BOM Scripts…" from the "System" drop down menu

In the “Edit BOM Scripts” dialogue box, click “New” to create a new script

Give the new script a name, such as “JLC Output

Choose the output format as “CSV (Full)

Then click “Add” under the “Fields(Columns)” box to bring up the “Edit BOM Field” dialogue box. Click "List":

Then click “VALUE” followed by “OK

Type “Comment” into the title heading text box and click “OK

Add another field called “Package

Finally, click “Add” under the “Categories:” list. Create a category heading called “component” and check the “Mark this category as the miscellaneous category” check box, then click OK on all the open dialogue boxes.

Creating the BOM Output

Under “Tools”, click JLC Output from the “Bill of Materials” menu.

Click “Save” on the BOM Output

Open the saved *.csv file in a spreadsheet editor, and delete the “Category” column:

Rename the “Reference” column as “Designator”. The complete BOM output should look as follows:

Save the new bill of materials file as a csv file and upload to the JLCPCB website.

Generating Pick and Place file

From within the Proteus PCB Layout Editor, click “Output” and “Pick and Place file…

Save the pick and place file in a suitable location:

Open the pick and place file in a spreadsheet application:

Create two new column titles “Metric X (mm)” and “Metric Y (mm)”

Type the following formula into the top of the Metric X (mm) column to convert the imperial units to metric (“metric value = imperial value/39.370078740157”):

Drag the formula over the two columns to the bottom of the pick and place file to fill all of the cells.

In a new column add a new formula as follows to add the “mm” units to the value. If the first Metric X value is at H13, the formula is: =CONCAT(TEXT(H13,”0.000”), ”mm”)

Drag the formula over the two columns to the bottom of the pick and place file to fill all of the cells.

Add the “Designator”, “Layer”, “Rotation”, “Mid X” and “Mid Y” titles to the following columns

Copy the new “Mid X” and “Mid Y” columns and paste them into a new column using the “Paste as Text” functionality

Finally reorganize the columns and delete the columns not required to achieve the following formatting:

Save the spreadsheet as a *.csv file and upload to JLCPCB for processing.

Last updated on Oct 27, 2022

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