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3D Printing FAQs

1. What is the difference between all those materials? which material is suitable for my project?

Below are the general descriptions of each technology and material for your reference.

2. Can you please tell me your different resins with SLA process?

Yes, below are some details of each resin material.


Resin 3D prints are NOT suitable for use outdoors, high temperatures, and strong sunlight environments. Please select the 3D printing materials reasonably in combination with the actual usage. Moreover, 3D resin materials are easy to be heated and deformed during the shipment and daily usage. If the 3D resin prints are slightly deformed, please try to use warm water or hot-air gun to soften the prints for further correction.

3. What are the differences between MJF-PA12 Nylon and SLS-3201PA-F Nylon?

4. What is the minimum build size for 3D printing?

5. What is the maximum build size for 3D printing?

6. Can I design multiple parts ALLINONE file?

Sorry to tell you that each file could only support 1 part printing, please kindly separate the multiple parts into separate files and upload the files separately.

7. What is the build time of the 3D printing parts?

Generally, Resin and Nylon parts take 48-72h hours, 316L parts take 72h, and ABS parts take 96h.

For special-shaped or large-size parts, build time will add 1-2 business days.

For small batch orders, build time adds 1-3 more business days which depends on the final order quantity.

For large batch orders, build time adds 3-5 more business days which depends on the final order quantity.

8. Can you print semi-transparent or transparent parts?

Currently, the printing of semi-transparent and transparent materials is NOT supported, but we will surely consider them in the near future, please kindly stay tuned.

9. Can the thread be printed out?

Yes, the minimum thread we can make is M6 coarse thread.

10. What's the price of your 3D printing parts?

Actually, the price depends on many details, such as the volume of your part, technologies type, materials, quantities etc. So we kindly suggest uplaoding your files on our website to get a fast quotation. Also your could select" review before payment". After your orders are reviewed and approved, you could proceed with the payment.

11. Why the price quoted on the website is “$1”, but the final price changed after the order reviewed?

Actually, our minimum 3D printing starting price is $1, and the price quoted on our website depends on the volume of your model. If the model is too small, which is less than $1, it will be calculated as $1/pcs by default. Also, if the real volume of the model could not be correctly detected (e.g. : "0" volume) due to the file error, it will also show $1/pcs and the final price will be updated after the order is reviewed by manual. So please kindly check your files carefully before uploading, and the "stl" version file is highly recommended.

12. Can the resin parts be painted? Do you support spray-painting?

Sorry, the spray-painting for resin parts is not supported in our company for the moment. But we will surely consider it in the future.

Generally, 3D resin prints can be painted, but the print has to be sanded slightly and a primer has to be applied to make sure that the paint will stick properly and more durably to the surface of the prints.

Last updated on Nov 25, 2022

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