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How to order a stencil

A stencil can help you to solder the PCB quickly. For efficient and reliable SMT assembly a Stencil is a must.

JLCPCB can provide the option of NON-FRAMEWORK (or frameless) and FRAMEWORK stencils.

The right hand image below shows a frameless stencil. Frameless stencils are cheaper and lower weight(0.2Kg) so they can help to reduce the shipping cost.

Stencils can be ordered together with a PCB to saving the shipping fee, or you can order a stencil only.

Stencils ordered together with the boards

When you order a PCB, after you upload your gerber file and fill in the PCB specifications, then you can order "Laser-Stencil" together simply by checking the ”Laser Stencil: order together with laser stencil” option.

Note: If you choose "Stencil order together with PCB",no matter you choose Panel by JLCPCB or Panel by customer,the stencil is a panel one.

On the other words,if you upload single PCB file in our website and choose "Stencil order together with PCB",you will only get the single stencil.

Order a custom-size frameless stencil

1. The custom stencil size should be within the stencil valid area for each given model.
For example, the valid area of 380*280mm model stencil is 290*190mm. Therefore, the custom stencil size of this model must be within 290*190mm.

2. Custom stencil size should be bigger than your PCB outline dimension.

Stencils ordered separately

If you forgot to order your stencil when you ordered the boards, or if you want to have custom tooling holes in the border. You can order a stencil only on the Quote page, please check the SMT-Stencil option and save to cart.

Note:If you upload your file and place an stencil order separately,kindly notice that we will only follow your file to make the stencil and will not consider the PCB file .

Click the "Add your gerber file" button to upload the file, enter stencil parameters, then save to cart and skip the payment step.

Click the "Checkout Securely" button. The rest of the steps are same to the process for ordering a PCB.

Fulfill your shipping information and choose the Shipping Method, at last, click “Pay” button to release payment.

Last updated on Oct 27, 2022

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