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How do I order a panel?

When there is only one design in your PCB Gerber file and you need JLCPCB to help you to duplicate many copies onto one panel, you can use this option“Panel By JLCPCB”.

Simply check ”Yes” at the Panel By JLCPCB section, then fill in the how many rows(Y) and columns(X) PCBs you want to put on one panel.

As shown in the image below: Panel in X=3*Y=2, we will merge 6 small PCBs into 1 big panel. if you order 10pcs PCBs, you'll get total 10big panels, every panel has 6 PCBs, total 60 individual PCBs.

We will add a 5mm board edge by default as shown in the image below: This is 2 rows and 5 cols panel PCB.


1. Make sure the single PCB size is bigger than 1.5cm x 1.5cm, or we will charge $14.5 for the v-cut cost. Small PCB is hard to v-cut.

2. Make sure the board outline is simple, for complex board outlines, you need to panelize by yourself.

Last updated on Oct 27, 2022

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