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How to generate Gerber files in different software?

How to generate Gerber files in different software?

Gerber files are used to communicate between hardware engineers and PCB factories. Therefore, it is necessary to provide essential data files for PCB design information to place an order on JLCPCB.  JLCPCB is dedicated to producing high-quality PCBs at the most affordable prices for everyone. Right now sign up here on JLCPCB official website you can get up to $60 new user coupons and monthly $24 SMT coupons.  

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The standard drive format for the plotters was Gerber RS-274-D. However, it is not supported in JLCPCB anymore. As a superset of RS-274-D Standard Gerber, RS-274X Gerber is a clear, powerful, and complete standard to describe PCB layers and is well-suited for automated workflows.

Note: We recommend to use gerber files in Gerber RS-274-X format to upload your design on JLCPCB.

1. Gerber files and the Drill file must be stored in the same folder/archive.
2. The board outline must be provided.

This means that the systems that use the older standard will still generate the correct outputs. The added manufacturing data greatly reduces the chance of errors during PCB fabrication.

PCB Gerber Files

Aim to reduce the time in the process of validating your design, Gerber files and drill file should be prepared in a reasonable format. PCB Gerber Files are exported in various filenames and filename extensions from different PCB design software packages. It is necessary to list the property Gerber files for different software to avoid problems in uploading and manufacturing.


Note: EDA is a product that we have independently developed. If the files generated by default are

FilenameStructure Layout
Gerber_TopLayer.GTLTop Copper Layer
Gerber_BottomLayer.GBLBottom Copper Layer
Gerber_BoardOutline.GKOBoard Outline
Gerber_TopSilkLayer.GTOTop Silkscreen
Gerber_BottomSilkLayer.GBOBottom Silkscreen
Gerber_TopSolderMaskLayer.GTSTop Soldermask
Gerber_BottomSolderMaskLayer.GBSBottom Soldermask
Gerber_TopPasteMasklayer.GTPTop Solderpaste
Gerber_BottomPasteMasklayer.GBPBottom Solderpaste
Gerber_Drill_NPTH.DRLDrill Layer
Gerber_Drill_PTH.DRLDrill Layer


FilenameStructure Layout
*-F_Cu.gbr/ *-F.Cu.gbr/ *-F.Cu.gtlTop Copper Layer
*-B_Cu.gbr/ *-B.Cu.gbrBottom Copper Layer
*-F_Mask.gbr/ *-F.Mask.gbr/ *-F.Mask.gtsTop Soldermask
*-B_Mask.gbr/ *-B.Mask.gbr/ *- B.Mask.gbsBottom Soldermask
*-F_Paste.gbr/ *-F.Paste.gbr/ *-F.Paste.gtpTop Solderpaste
*-B_Paste.gbr/ *-B.Paste.gbr / *-B.Paste.gbpBottom Solderpaste
*-F_SilkS.gbr/ *-F.SilkS.gbr / *-F.SilkS.gtoTop Silkscreen
*-B_SilkS.gbr/ *-B.SilkS.gbr / *-B.SilkS.gboBottom Silkscreen
*-Edge_Cuts.gbr/ *-Edge.Cuts.gbrBoard Outline
*-Edge.Cuts.gm1Board Mechanical Layer
*-NPTH.drlDrill None Plated Layer
*-PTH.drlDrill Layer


There are multiple versions of EAGLE, each with its own filename rules. To avoid confusion, we offer 3 sets of naming conventions.

Set 1

FilenameStructure Layout
Copper_top.gbrTop Copper Layer
Copper_bottom.gbrBottom Copper Layer
Profile.gbrBoard Outline
Silkscreen_top.gbrTop Silkscreen
Silkscreen_bottom.gbrBottom Silkscreen
Soldermask_top.gbrTop Soldermask
Soldermask_bottom.gbrBottom Soldermask
Solderpaste_top.gbrTop Solderpaste
Solderpaste_ bottom.gbrBottom Solderpaste
Drill_1_16.xlnDrill Layer

Set 2

FilenameStructure Layout
xxx.cmpTop Copper Layer
xxx.solBottom Copper Layer
xxx.plcTop Silkscreen
xxx.plsBottom Silkscreen
xxx.stcTop Soldermask
xxx.stsBottom Soldermask
xxx.crcTop Solderpaste
xxx.crsBottom Solderpaste
xxx.drdDrill Layer

Set 3

FilenameStructure Layout
xxx.toplayer.gerTop Copper Layer
xxx.bottomlayer.gerBottom Copper Layer
xxx.internalplane1.gerInner Copper Layer
xxx.internalplane2.gerInner Copper Layer
xxx.boardout.gerBoard Outline
xxx.topsilkscreen.gerTop Silkscreen
xxx.bottomsilkscreen.gerBottom Silkscreen
xxx.topsoldermask.gerTop Soldermask
xxx.bottomsoldermask.gerBottom Soldermask
xxx.tcream.gerTop Solderpaste
xxx.bcream.gerBottom Solderpaste
xxx.drills.xlnDrill Layer


FilenameStructure Layout
xxx.gtlTop Copper Layer
xxx.gblBottom Copper Layer
xxx.g1Inner Copper Layer
xxx.gm3Board Mechanical Layer
xxx.gkoBoard Outline
xxx.gtoTop Silkscreen
xxx.gboBottom Silkscreen
xxx.gtsTop Soldermask
xxx.gbsBottom Soldermask
xxx.gtpTop Solderpaste
xxx.gbpBottom Solderpaste
xxx.txtDrill Layer


FilenameStructure Layout
xxx.TOPTop Copper Layer
xxx.BOTBottom Copper Layer
xxx.IN1Inner Copper Layer
xxx.FABBoard Outline
xxx.SSTTop Silkscreen
xxx.SSBBottom Silkscreen
xxx.SMTTop Soldermask
xxx.SMBBottom Soldermask
xxx.SPTTop Solderpaste
xxx.SPBBottom Solderpaste
xxx.TAPDrill Layer


FilenameStructure Layout Copper Layer
xxx.bottom.gbrBottom Copper Layer
xxx.out.gbrBoard Outline
xxx.topsilk.gbrTop Silkscreen
xxx.bottomsilk.gbrBottom Silkscreen
xxx.topmask.gbrTop Soldermask
xxx.bottommask.gbrBottom Soldermask
xxx.toppaste.gbrTop Solderpaste
xxx.bottompaste.gbrBottom Solderpaste
xxx.fab.gbrDrill Layer
xxx.plated-drill.cncDrill Layer

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Last updated on Apr 25, 2024