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U.S Sea Shipment Instructions

U.S Sea Shipment Instructions

In order to provide customers with diversified services, JLCPCB has opened sea shipment to the US. Please read the following information kindly. When you choose the sea shipment, we assume that you have agreed with the following terms and will strictly abide by the relevant rules.

Trade Terms

The default trade term we provide is DDU terms (Delivered Duty Unpaid---named port of destination), JLCPCB will be responsible for ensuring goods arrive safely to the carrier’s destination port warehouse, the buyer will be responsible for cooperating with the carrier in customs clearance at the destination port and paying taxes, etc.

Cost and Insurance

To ensure the order can be produced and arranged shipment in time, JLCPCB will charge part of the logistics fee from our factory to the destination warehouse when you place the order, and the cost of this part can be evaluated on our website. After the goods arrive at the destination warehouse, customers can choose to pick up the goods from the warehouse by themselves or use the door-to-door delivery service provided by carrier. If delivery service to door is needed, please contact us for quotation with delivery address.

Cargo Insurance will be arranged by default, and it will be free. We will ensure the goods at 110% rate of the order amount, the insurance fee is generally 0.3% of the insured amount.

Here is a quotation example of sea shipment cost for reference:

Customer A has a PCB order of 5000usd and 300kg, with the delivery address as: 103 N Lincoln Ave #141 Monterey Park CA 91755, US.

If this customer wants to import the goods by the name of themselves and let carrier deliver goods to door, the total cost would be 120+100+100+755+150+60=1,285 USD(Import taxes&duties are not included).

JLCPCB will collect part of the logistics fee (120+100+100+755+150=1,225 USD) when you place the order.


1, The land freight here refers to the process from our factory to the export sea port.

2, Sea freight is from our factory to carrier's warehouse in the destination country, it will fluctuate from week to week, we will update it on our website accordingly.

3, Insurance=0.3%*110%(product value+sea freight).

4, Last-Mile delivery is from carrier's warehouse to customer in the destination country.

Customer Responsibilities and Obligations

- Providing detailed delivery address and contact information.

- Cooperating with customs clearance at the destination port and providing the documents required for customs clearance: Bond、POA(Power Of Attorney)、EIN(Employer Identification Number)、Articles of Incorporation, etc.

- Pay all taxes and fees on import in a timely manner.

- Customer needs to bear all the losses, If a customer fails to fulfill the corresponding responsibilities. (including but not limited to customs deduction, fines, etc.).

When Will We Arrange the Shipment?

Generally, the orders finished packing before Thursday can be shipped next Wednesday.

Closing Date/Time: Every Friday  

Sailing date: Every Thursday

ETA: 17 days after the ship leaves port

Delivery Time

The following delivery time is for reference only.

Western cities of US: about 20-25 days;

Eastern cities of US: about 28-35 days;

Service support

Customer Service Email:

Logistics Service Email:,

Last updated on May 20, 2024