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Quality Complaint Issue

Quality Complaint Issue

1.About the quality complaint

Please kindly check the boards once you receive it, if any issue, feel free to contact us. To avoid any unnecessary loss, you had better to do some test before assembling.

If there is any quality issue, please keep all the received boards in hand until the case is closed.

Typically, we will only follow clients’ file and submitted data  to make the PCB boards and we are not responsible for finding all the issues in the Gerber file. If our engineers find some problems from the file, we may confirm with you and help to modify it.But if our engineers don’t find the problems and we may not inform you, so you had better to check the file and submitted data carefully before you upload it.

2.About the missing components in the SMT boards

There might be discrepancy between the actual inventory for the component and the inventory shown on the website due to the delay update of the information, which may cause components shortage during the manufacturing progress. Since it will be found on process, so we have no time to confirm with you, so we will skip these components and move on. JLCPCB will refund you for the missing components’ fee .

3.About the narrow corners or slots

The complaints will not be acceptable for situations, where our smallest 1mm milling cutter cannot reach the narrow corners or slots generated by your design.

4.About the apertures for thru-hole components in stencil

The apertures for thru-hole components will not be made by default in stencil. A special note is required when ordering if you need to make it.

Last updated on July 21, 2023