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How to Transfer Money to JLC Balance

How to Transfer Money to JLC Balance

1. Find "JLC Balance" in your account, enter the amount you wish to top up. Each top-up amount shall not be less than $150.00.

Note: For the security of your account transactions, a payment password is required when making payment by JLC Balance. Therefore, please remember to set up a payment password.

2. After you enter the top-up amount and click the Top-up button, you will be redirected to the Top-up application page, where you can find our bank account information, as shown in the below image.

3.  Please read the following notes before transferring money.

1). The amount of each top-up shall not be less than $150.00. (Bank transfer payments below $150 are subject to a $15 service charge. There is no service fee for amounts above $150.)

2). The final recharge value is subject to the amount left after all deductions ($15 service charge or the bank transaction fee), which may be less than the money you transfer.
* The transaction fee will be deducted by the bank and the fee ranges from $15 to $40, but it depends on different countries and different banks.

3). Our system temporarily does not support withdrawal. Please contact support for withdrawing money, any additional fee shall be borne by your side.

4). It is not recommended to use the following banks to send money to us, as we cannot receive the payment transferred by them.
VTB Bank
Bank Rossiya
Bank Otkritie
Alfa Bank
Tinkoff Bank

4. After you transfer the money to our bank, please fill in your bank details and upload the transfer receipt to help us verify your transaction.

5. The money will be credited to your account within 1-2 days after we receive the funds.

(Note: The top-up amount will be the amount we receive from the bank, which might be less than the money you deposited due to the transaction fee deducted by the bank. We recommend including at least a $15 processing fee in the transfer amount to cover bank charges, ensuring the amount we receive matches the amount you wish to top up. )

6. Then you can use JLC Balance for payment, check JLCPCB Balance and enter your payment password to complete your purchase.

7. You can find the JLC Balance payment record in the All Transactions page. If your order is cancelled, the money will be returned to your JLC Balance account.

Last updated on Jan 5, 2024