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How to consign parts to JLCPCB

How to consign parts to JLCPCB

When to consign parts to JLCPCB

At JLCPCB, most components can be ordered in JLCPCB parts library. If not, we provide Global Sourcing service to help purchase components.

If you have leftover stock from a previous project, or if you have credit with a specific vendor, consignment is useful. Some clients have custom or uncommon parts, and will also choose to consign parts.

Instructions before consignment

1. Only when the consigned parts arrive at JLCPCB's warehouse, can they be used for the PCBA orders.

2. For the same part, parts from consignment can only be used with parts from global sourcing when placing a PCBA order.

Parts pre-ordered from Global Sourcing can only be chosen together with the parts consigned by the customer when making a PCBA order.

Parts pre-ordered from JLCPCB can only be used together with JLCPCB's publicly existing stock and cannot be used together with global sourcing parts or consignment parts.

3. At present, JLCPCB supports consign component from Mainland of China and oversea for customer's PCBA order use.

Learn more about Consignment Part Terms & Conditions >

How to consign parts to JLCPCB

1. Enter the Parts Manager page, choose Consign Parts.

2. Input the Manufacturer Part Number and Package to search for components you want for consignment.

Select the component you want to consign, enter the quantity, and click the "Add to Consignment" button to join the list of consigned parts

Notes: Please consider the minimum required quantity and attrition quantity during assembly process.

3. If the component you want for consignment is not in the JLCPCB Parts library, Click "Or Consign the part directly" button.

4. Then fill in part information of the consigned components, because we need to review whether we can support assembling the components.

5. After clicking Submit, the components will also be added to the list of consigned parts, but it can only be shipped to us after we have approved the components. We will notify you of the audit result by email.

6. Select the components you want to consign, and click "Consign Part" to enter the consignment confirmation page.

7. The consignment confirmation page will have detailed instructions on how to ship the parts to us.

After shipping the components, fill in your tracking number and contact information

(You can also submit the consignment order first and enter the shipping information in the Consigned Parts Shipments list after shipping)

8. On the Consigned Parts Shipments page, you can track the status of your packages.

When we receive your consigned parts, we will perform an audit to check the quantities, tag them, and store them in our secure inventory facility until your PCBs are ready for manufacturing.

9. Once the consigned parts enter our warehouse, you can see your inventory in "Consigned Parts" on My Parts Lib page.

Last updated on Dec 22, 2023