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How to Make a Quality Complaint

How to Make a Quality Complaint

JLCPCB operates its own excellent factories with strict regulations and quality control measures, ensuring the production of PCBs in a short time and with high quality. Even if there are any defects, we will contact our customers before shipping. But sometimes there may be situations that we didn't find or can not find the problems before using.

If such situations arise, what solutions can we provide for you?

Rest assured that if you encounter any quality problems with the PCB, stencil, PCBA, CNC, or 3D products after receiving the parcel, please proceed to make a quality complaint in your order history, following the instructions shown in the pictures below. JLCPCB boasts a professional after-sales team dedicated to analyzing the problem and providing suitable solutions tailored to your needs.

1. Click the "Quality Complaint" button of the order in which you encountered problems in the order history.

Please Note: In order to match your order issues to the corresponding after-sales specialist correctly, please select the right button for each order and quality complaint entry. For example, if a component on your PCB was placed with the wrong orientation, the "Quality Complaint" option of the SMT order needs to be clicked, instead of the one in the PCB order.

For quality complaint regarding 3D products, please refer to this:

2. After clicking the entry button, please choose and fill in the issue type, quantity, description, and images, so that the problem can be identified and resolved shortly!  Our tech support team will respond within 24 hours on workdays after you submit it.


Please Note: To resolve the problem quickly, the following information is necessary:

1)What is the problem? Please provide a description along with pictures detailing the problem.

2)Where is the problem? Circle the location of the problem on the picture of the entire board.

3)How many boards are affected by the problem? The picture should display all the boards with the problem for accurate calculation.

4)If the boards have an order number, please include pictures showing the order number.

5)For issues related to SMT orders, in addition to the board quantity, the quantity of components and designators is also required. If the issue is related to soldering, clear pictures of faulty soldering are necessary. If the issue pertains to functionality, please provide a test video or pictures to demonstrate non-compliance with the corresponding components' specifications.

3. To stay updated on the response from our after-sales specialist and the progress of the issue, please click the "Quality Complaint" button again in the same location.

Last updated on Mar 12, 2024