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JLCPCB Direct Heatsink Copper-Cored PCBs Available Now!

Dec 7, 2022

JLCPCB Direct Heatsink Copper-Cored PCB has been officially launched! Old friends of JLCPCB may know that JLCPCB launched Aluminum PCB in 2021, which has been receiving lots of praise and support. After a year of hard work, JLCPCB is confident to bring you Direct Heatsink Copper PCB which has better heat transfer and is more suitable for high-power components. JLCPCB's belief in providing the most cost-effective products on the market has been extended to the Copper PCB, promising to give the best benefits to every customer.

JLCPCB's direct heatsink technology enables efficient cooling for high-power components such as COB LEDs and switching regulators. As shown in the diagrams above, this is done by making heatsink pads as raised platforms from the copper PCB base so that heat transfer is not affected by the presence of any insulation. On the contrary, heat transfer on regular metal-cored PCBs must go through an insulation layer with thermal conductivity much lower than that of copper.

This process does involve several extra steps, as with flexible PCBs and multilayer boards, so it’s not available from every manufacturer. Regular aluminium- and copper-cored PCBs (with an unconnected core) are much more common since they can be made very similarly to single-layer FR-4 PCBs.

JLCPCB Copper PCB Design Requirements

Direct heatsink pads can be rectangular or polygonal but must be at least 1 mm wide in any direction. They cannot be connected to regular pads and traces, but where traces are required it is allowed to make all of them “direct heatsink”, i.e. raised platforms on the copper base.

Vias are not possible as holes in the FR-4 layer are not plated. The minimum drill diameter is 1 mm; the minimum slot width is 1.6 mm.OSP (organic solderability preservative) surface finish is used.Panels are accepted but only V-scoring is available.

How to Order JLCPCB Copper PCB

Apart from selecting Direct Heatsink Copper for Base Material, a drawing should be attached to indicate which copper areas to make as direct heatsink / connected to the base. It’s recommended to select the Confirm Production File option so that before production you can make sure your intention has been correctly understood.

Making tech innovation easier is what JLCPCB always insists on. JLCPCB keeps improving to bring more advanced PCBs to meet more needs from customers worldwide. To be the best platform for PCB smart manufacturing, JLCPCB is always on the way!

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