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JLCPCB Community Guidelines

JLCPCB Community Guidelines

JLCPCB Q & A Communities is where you can ask questions and find answers about our services. To make this a community where all members feel comfortable to ask and answer questions, follow these guidelines.

1. Help us show respect to all. Please refrain from name calling, insulting or baiting other members, or making negative comments. We suggest that you avoid using all capital letters, bold fonts, or emphasized words, which may convey a negative tone.

2. Reply with useful and positive comments.

  • Everyone deserves respect and dignity in any situation. You can step out of conversations if the dialogue isn't constructive.
  • Please show kindness. Please don't belittle other members. When you communicate with other members, keep it friendly. Please don't pick a fight.

3. When you post, make sure that your question is clear and posted in the appropriate place. Include details about the questions that you want help with.

4. Do not spam. This may include unwanted promotional or commercial content, unwanted content that is created by an automated program, unwanted repetitive content, nonsensical content, or anything that appears to be a mass solicitation.

5. Do not use this product for phishing. This includes soliciting or collecting sensitive data such as passwords, financial details, and social security numbers.

If we find that a post does violate our community guidelines, we take one or more of the following actions based on the severity of the violation:

  • Unpublish the post, making it only available to the post author
  • Delete the offending content or post
  • Disable the author's access to the community

Last updated on July 21, 2023