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JLCPCB Announces 'Get Free PCBA Components' Campaign for Electronics Enthusiasts

News  /  JLCPCB Announces 'Get Free PCBA Components' Campaign for Electronics Enthusiasts

JLCPCB Announces 'Get Free PCBA Components' Campaign for Electronics Enthusiasts

Nov 30, 2023

Get Free PCBA Components

November 30, 2023 -- JLCPCB, a leading provider of PCB manufacturing and assembly services, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exciting new campaign, 'Get Free PCBA Components,' aimed at empowering PCB enthusiasts with genuine electronic components at no cost.

As a company committed to delivering exceptional value and service to its customers, JLCPCB understands the importance of cost-effectiveness and convenience in the PCB manufacturing process. With the " Get Free PCBA Components" campaign, JLCPCB aims to provide more consumers with an opportunity to experience their seamless PCB assembly services.

JLCPCB understands that sourcing electronic components can be a time-consuming and challenging task for many customers. That's why JLCPCB has prepared a selection of top-quality, genuine electronic components based on recommendations from professional electronic experts and the bestselling electronic components according to JLCPCB's market research.

After obtaining the components, customers can proceed with the actual production of their current or future PCBA designs, turning their ideas into reality.

To participate in the 'Get Free PCBA Components' campaign and access the complimentary resources, PCB engineers can visit Get Free Parts Event Page and follow the simple steps to claim their components. The campaign is open to PCB enthusiasts worldwide and is set to run for a limited time.

This campaign will start on November 30th and until December 20th, run for 20 days only. After claiming the components, the components will be available in the customer’s private parts library. To participate and stay tuned for updates on this exciting event, please visit JLCPCB's  campaign site. There, you can check pieces of information, instructions, and special notes related to the event.

Aiming to empower electronic innovation and drive projects to a new height, JLCPCB gives electronic lovers an opportunity to gain a competitive edge and explore new possibilities for the nearest bright future.

To ensure a smooth and efficient experience during the event, JLCPCB has been working carefully to streamline the process and make it as user-friendly as possible. Meanwhile, they still care about customers’ feedback to help them improve and refine the existing system and future events. For additional support and assistance, customers can visit JLCPCB's online help center at any time.

JLCPCB consistently encourages customers to directly register on their platform to provide a seamless experience. This will enable them to keep customers informed about upcoming events and notify customers in advance about new opportunities to power up their masterpiece.

With state-of-the-art facilities, advanced operations, and a dedicated team of electronic supervisors and technicians, JLCPCB has earned a reputation from customers across the globe. JLCPCB continuously provides uncompromising quality, fast turnaround time, cost-effective solutions, one-stop services, and extensive manufacturing options to feed the needs of customers. For over a decade, JLCPCB has been at the forefront of PCB manufacturing, empowering engineers, designers, and hobby enthusiasts with top electronic solutions to bring their ideas to life.

For more information, please visit JLCPCB's  website at:

JLCPCB looks forward to empowering your innovation!


Founded in 2006, JLCPCB works on building a one-stop industrial electronic platform, realizing digital PCBA processing by incorporating EDA, PCB, parts sourcing, and PCBA services. With increasing investment in innovation and digital systems, JLCPCB has been growing fast, and becoming a leading global PCB&PCBA manufacturer, providing the rapid production of high-reliability and cost-effective products.