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How to order a stencil

How to order a stencil

In the SMT assembly process, the stencil is a crucial tool that ensures the precise application of solder paste onto the correct pads.

JLCPCB offers two types of stencils to cater to different soldering processes.

The framed stencil is designed for automated solder paste printing machines and comes in various standard sizes.

The non-framed stencil is commonly used for hand soldering and provide the flexibility to customize stencil sizes and select other parameters based on your specific requirements.

The left-hand image displays a framed stencil, while the right-hand image features a non-framed stencil. Non-framed stencils are cost-effective and lightweight (0.2Kg), making them ideal for reducing shipping costs.

Order a custom-size frameless stencil:

1. The custom stencil size should be within the valid area of the stencil for each specific model.

For instance, the valid area for a 380*280mm model stencil is 290*190mm. Therefore, the custom stencil size for this model must be within 290*190mm.

2. We recommend choosing a custom stencil size larger than your PCB outline to ensure proper coverage and alignment during the printing process. If you have any specific requirement, please mention it in Stencil Remark.

In JLCPCB, you have two options for ordering stencils. You can either choose to order a stencil together with the PCB or order the stencil separately.

Order stencils together with the PCB boards:

If you want to order stencils together with the PCB, please upload your gerber file and fill in the PCB specifications, then select the "Order together with PCB" option to include a stencil with your order.

Note: If you choose "Order together with PCB" plus "Single PCB" or "Panel by Customer", the stencil will match with your gerber file; if you choose "Order together with PCB" plus "Panel by JLCPCB", the stencil will match with the Panel.

Order Stencils separately:

If you forgot to order your stencil when you ordered the boards, or you need a stencil only, you can order a stencil separately on the Quote page. Please check the SMT-Stencil option and add it to your cart.

Note: If you upload your file and place a stencil order separately, kindly note that we will only follow your file to make the stencil and will not consider the PCB order.

1. Click the "Add gerber file" button to upload the file, enter the stencil parameters, then save it to your cart.

2. Click the "Secure Checkout" button. The remaining steps are the same as the process for ordering a PCB.

3. Fill in your shipping information and choose the shipping method. Finally, click the "Pay" button to proceed with the payment.

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