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Important note that should be paid attention to before you consign the part to JLCPCB

Important note that should be paid attention to before you consign the part to JLCPCB

We can accept parts consigned to us from overseas. But there will be customs clearance required and it will be our agent who will handle it with service costs (around 45USD for parcel value less than 5000CNY and 85USD for parcel value more than 5000CNY. If more than 50 part # in one shipment, service costs 70USD/50 items. For example, 70 USD for 51 part numbers, 140 USD for 101 part numbers,). If you have any questions, please contact JLCPCB directly.

If the service cost is acceptable, please kindly follow the steps below:

A. Please kindly place a consign part order to us first, the guidance is above:

Kindly note that only parts with JLC number can be consigned to us. If the part is not with the part number yet, please submit the consigned part. The engineer will approve it if it is workable for our assembly.

B. Please arrange shipping:

Recipient name: Chris (Add your customer account ID here)

Recipient company: No company name as it is shipped to a private person

Recipient phone number: 17825750244

Address: Number 11103, SMT warehouse, Building 4, Advanced Electronic factory, No 2989 Zhufeng avenue.

Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, china 519175

Inco term: DDP is recommended (Duty tax paid by sender or third party)

Invoice info must be clear: Product name, part number, manufacturer, material, quantity, weight, value,

country of origin, function (using for what product), HS code (if you can confirm)

C. Reply to us with the tracking number, Our agent will confirm all the costs and we will contact

you with the costs and payment methods to our agent

Important note:

The value for the product must be the same as the purchasing price. And the consigned quantity and product weight must be valid and correct. Due to the requirements of customs and national policies, if the information filled in by the customer and the declared value do not conform to the actual situation, all risks and expenses shall be borne by the customer, and customs clearance issue needs to be handled by the customer himself, if any loss is caused to JLCPCB. JLCPCB will evaluate the follow-up cooperation with customers and initiate claims. Please do not use uncommon delivery provider. Service costs could be unavoidable if customs clearance can only be done by the consignee and the customer can not find an agent themselves.

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