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PCBA Parts Sourcing Instruction

PCBA Parts Sourcing Instruction

1. What are the sources of PCBA parts?

PCBA parts can be sourced from the following options:

JLCPCB parts: These are JLCPCB's public in-stock parts, readily available for selection in our library.

Global sourcing parts: These parts are sourced by JLCPCB from global distributors, offering a wide range of options. (Lead time: 9-15 days)

Pre-order parts: In cases where we have no stock or low stock, customers can make pre-orders to replenish them in their private library within the JLCPCB library. However, parts can only be selected for use in customers' assembly orders once they arrive at our warehouse.

Consign parts: Customers have the option to consign their own parts to our stock and use them when placing PCBA orders.

New Parts Request: If customers cannot find a specific part in our part library, it may be because it hasn't been listed yet. In such cases, customers can submit a new part request.

2. Are there any limitations when placing PCBA orders with these parts?

Yes, there are limitations based on the type of parts selected.

Global sourcing parts can be chosen alongside consign parts within the same order. Similarly, parts from JLCPCB public parts library can be selected along with private pre-order parts/global sourcing parts/consign parts within the same order.

It's important to note that this rule applies to the same part in a single order. However, customers have the flexibility to choose global sourcing parts and pre-order parts simultaneously for different parts within the same order.

3. Instruction for ordering parts

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