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How do I Place a Layout Order?

How do I Place a Layout Order?

Placing a Layout order at JLCPCB is Easy.

The following steps show how to place an order on JLCPCB easily:

1.Click on  and reach our platform.

2.Register and Login. If you already have an account, just log in.

3.Simply click on the "Start a Layout Quote" button located on JLCPCB Layout Service's homepage, and you will be redirected to the ordering page.

You can also directly go to the ordering page and place an order.

4.Get into layout ordering page.

5.Click on 'Upload file' to upload a requirement file.

If you don't have one, we've alread prepared a template for customers to record their detailed demand.

Please fill out this template as much as possible before you decide to move on.

6.Click on 'Upload file' to upload a related file.

Please include all of the related files you can provide into Related Files.

7. Enter the known design details to get the quote and estimated lead time.

8.Click on 'Submit Order' to get into next page.

9.Enter your email address and select your billing address.

Clik on 'Submit Order' to submit a layout order.

10.Automatically get into Order History. Wait for feedback on the review result.

Our team will keep in contact with you by email.

11.Once the review is done, our system will automatically inform you of payment request by email.

Please go to Order History and click on 'Pay' to make payment.

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