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How to Apply for Free PCB - Education Program

How to Apply for Free PCB - Education Program

JLCPCB offers free PCBs for university student teams, if you are interested in this sponsorship program, you can fill out the form for sponsorship application review. We will contact you after the review is approved. If you have any questions, feel free to email

Free PCB Unlocking Students' Creativity

With over 15 years of PCB prototype experience, our products are used across all industries. To give back to society, we also committed to inspiring students' creativity and developing new ideas by providing them with free PCB sponsorship. In 2020, more than 100 groups of student teams applied for sponsorship, benefiting over 10,000 students who received PCBs at no cost.

As a PCB supplier, JLCPCB supplies PCBs for student teams for free. We provide resource assistance to student teams as they improve the projects, helping them enhance their practical knowledge in electrical and electronic projects. This enables their creativity to materialize into real projects, driven by their minds and hands.

PCB Design Learning Platform

We collaborate with popular EE influencers such as Great Scott, Lady Ada, and Dave Jones (EEVblog). Their projects, courses, and tutorials which are created around JLCPCB products are widely spread online.

Electronic Engineering Technology Advisor

We stimulate the minds of students and tech inventors. Serving as a technology advisor for students, our innovative tools like Easy EDA and practical PCBs contribute to various technological domains, from software to hardware. Our seamless structure encourages students to connect with reality and ideas, spanning from open-source platforms to mobile software and 3D technologies. Witness how our products have shaped the world.

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