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How to confirm the production file?

How to confirm the production file?

Why do we Suggest "Confirm the Production File"?

The production file is the file generated by JLCPCB engineer from customer's original Gerber file according to the capacity and production rules of JLCPCB.

Confirming production file provides a chance for our customers to double check everything before the production file being adopted for production. It often happens that customers find unexpected file issues by checking production file which they didn't notice when ordering. So we highly recommend you choose this service, especially if the project is urgent or of high value.

It is also a good opportunity to compare the design file and production file.

How to  Choose "Confirm Production File" Option?

If customers choose the "confirm production file" option when placing orders as shown below, we will send an email to the registered email address later to remind customers to confirm the production file after payment.

How to Confirm Production File?

But how to confirm the production file?

First, please log in to your account on the website of JLCPCB, and go to "order history".

There will be a button for "confirm production file" as shown below.

First, please click the button, and see the page below.

But please don't click the button "Yes, please proceed to production" directly, because the pictures of the PCB can only be for reference.

Second, click the button "download production file" as shown above to check the file first before proceeding.

Third, after downloading the production file, you may need to extract the zip/rar file. There will be three folders inside, which are info, yg and ok.

In the yg folder, the file is the original file you uploaded when placing an order.

And the ok folder is the one engineer makes, but please ignore the ddw file/tgz file inside, just use gerber viewer to check other layers in Gerber format.

The info folder can be ignored.

Please use any tool that can open the Gerber file to open the ok folder to check the production file~

Finally, if the production file in the ok folder is correct, you may click the first button "Yes, please proceed to production" and submit so that we can start production soon.

If there is something that needs to be modified, please click the second button "not good, modification needed" and leave a remark as shown below to let us know where needs to be modified and submit it.

Then there will be an email from to inform you of checking the new production file later after the engineer modifies it.

Please reply to the email whether the new production file is OK or not. We will proceed with production once you confirm it is OK or ask the engineer to modify the file again if it is not OK.

Only if the latest production file is confirmed OK finally by email/livechat, can it continue to proceed with the order.

Once it is confirmed, the status will be shown as "confirmed production file" as shown below:

The Meanings of Layer Names in the Production File

The meanings of layer names in the production file can be checked here.

If there are any other questions, please contact us ( when you are free.

The meaning of the layers in the production file of FR-4/Aluminum/Copper Core/Rogers/PTFE Teflon

Layer name in the production fileCorresponding layer meaning    
toTop Silkscreen
tsTop Soldermask
tlTop Layer
l2, l3, l4, l5...Inner layers
blBottom Layer
bsBottom Soldermask
boBottom Silkscreen
koBoard Outline
skThe vias which will be filled with resin/copper/solder mask ink
vcutV-cut layer if it is needed
ko_ppDirect heatsink pad layer if needed (copper core board only)
baobianIf edge plating option is chosen, there will be such layer in the production file.

The meaning of the layers in the production file of the Flex board

Layer name in the production fileCorresponding layer meaning    
csaTop EMI Shielding Film
toTop Silkscreen
ct/tsTop Soldermask
tlTop Layer
blBottom Layer
cb/bsBottom Soldermask
boBottom Silkscreen
ssaBottom EMI Shielding Film
koBoard Outline (the outline of the finished boards)
ko_jgOutline used for production (including the connections between boards )
ko_hFile for making stainless steel stiffener
bqtTop stiffener layer
bqbBottom stiffener layer
pit_0.1Top PI stiffener with 0.1mm thickness
pib_0.1Bottom PI stiffener with 0.1mm thickness
gpt_0.1Top stainless steel stiffener with 0.1mm thickness
gpb_0.1Bottom stainless steel stiffener with 0.1mm thickness
fr4t_0.2Top FR4 stiffener with 0.2mm thickness
fr4b_0.2Bottom FR4 stiffener with 0.2mm thickness
pst_3m468Top 3m468 Tape stiffener
psb_3m9077Bottom 3m9077 Tape stiffener

Warm reminder:

Please confirm the production file as soon as possible to avoid any delay.

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