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JLCPCB High-precision Multi-layer PCB Extended to 8-20 Layer

Dec 2, 2022

JLCPCB multi-layer PCB service right now can support high-frequency circuit boards up to 20 layers. High-layer Count PCBs are usually used for high-density circuit board assembly and in products that require precision where high quality consistency is an important manufacturing factor. Undoubtedly, providing low-cost & high-quality PCB service is what JLCPCB always insists on.

What are JLCPCB Multi-layer PCB Advantages?

1) Applicable for complex electronics: composite devices involve more circuits and components that require multi-layer boards

2) Top quality: designing and producing multi-layer PCB requires more equipment and dipper developed process compared to simpler components, increasing the chance to have a high-quality product at hand. JLCPCB advanced solder mask LDI makes a stable and reliable solder mask bridge.

3) Less intricate designs: JLCPCB provides free "via-in-pad" with POFV for the 6, 8–20-layer circuit boards.  Free POFV technology enhances the efficiency of PCB design engineers. Because via occupying large space

4) Smaller and lighter: because multiplayer PCB stack layers on top of each other, they are squeezed more functionality into a tighter space than with single-layer boards or double-layer boards. The smaller the size the lighter the board.

JLCPCB Multi-layer PCB Uses Advanced Solder Mask LDI

With JLCPCB, you can rest assured that we use the best equipment possible for all the high-layer count boards. JLCPCB is one of the very few manufacturers which use the LDI technology for multi-layer PCB. JLCPCB high-precision LDI will completely eliminate the solder bridge problems. For the same pad gap, when the pad opening is only 1 mil single side, the pad bridge can be 6.66 mils by the JLCPCB advanced LDI machine. Therefore, the problem is completely solved from PCB design: this way JLCPCB could deal with the assembly no matter how dense the IC gap is.

*Ultra-high-precision alignment solder mask LDI is applied for 4 to 20-layer PCB orders, whether they are small batch or large orders; and whether engineering fees are paid or not. *Single and double boards are temporarily produced by CCD automatic alignment exposure machine, which does not support such solder mask opening designs, and only supports high multi-layer (4-20 layers) designs.

High precision Rogers & PTFE Multi-layer PCB

JLCPCB chooses the best raw materials for multi-layer PCB, creating the best PCB production process and extreme PCB cost-effectiveness. Why? It is because JLCPCB persists and has adhered to since its establishment in 2006: profiting PCB customers and achieving win-win with customers. To maintain a good ecology of the PCB industry, quality printed circuit board raw materials and equipment can't be ignored. Especially for the multiple-layer boards which are made as the base for integrated and denser electronics.  Besides FR-4 material with an appropriate layer buildup, JLCPCB uses four-wire low resistance (similar to the Medical MRI technology) to check via. Crucially, we also use a high-cost full-film process that doesn't save tin, and never uses negative films. JLCPCB valuable persistence can be seen on Rogers & PTFE as well.

$20 Limited-Time Offer for JLCPCB 6-layer High-precision PCB

A limited-time offer for all JLCPCB users! The high-precision 6-layer PCB with ENIG and via-in-pad processed by POFV, which at the original price above $100, right now has jumped down to only $20, giving back to JLCPCB users who have always been supportive. Get quality 6-layer PCBs at $20 on JLCPCB quote page.

Apart from that, JLCPCB is also able to offer very favorable prices for quality manufacturing to all customers, which results from large-scale production capabilities.

Engineering-fee-charged 4-layer PCB ≈ $20.52/type, small batches PCB ≈$ 65.67/㎡;

Special priced 8-layer PCB (length and width within 10cm, 5 PCB prototype)≈$82.09; small batch PCB fee≈ $116.30 /㎡, engineering fee≈$82.09/type;

Special priced 10-layer PCB (length and width within 10cm, 5 PCB prototype)≈ $136.82; small batch PCB fee≈ $171.03 /㎡, engineering fee≈ $ 136.82/type;

Special priced 12-layer PCB (length and width within 10cm, 5 PCB prototype)≈ $218.91; small batch PCB fee≈ $239.44 /㎡, engineering fee ≈$205.23/type.

*8 layers and more than 10 layers of PCB use Sytech and Nanya material

Choose the Best Multi-layer PCB at JLCPCB

How to choose the best multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturer?  

Here are some factors you may be concerned about:

• Low-cost high-quality manufacturer

• Manufacturer able to offer more complex designs and production

• Manufacturer that extends product life

• Manufacturer with faster delivery

• Manufacturer with fewer repairs

JLCPCB keeps endeavoring to fulfill the above requirements and to become the manufacturer that can truly help engineers in hardware development. If you need quality PCBs from 2- to 20-layer, JLCPCB is your best choice. True A-grade material, state-of-the-art equipment, instant online quote, 24-hour quick turnaround, fast delivery, and the most favorable price you can find on market. Bring your circuit design to reality in the best quality with less effort.

JLCPCB keeps working on:

More complex products or projects

More functional products or projects in a smaller space

Products or items where durability is a priority

Easy to get quotation of 8-20 layer high precision PCB on JLCPCB quote page. Click for more details about the $20 special offer for 6-layer PCB.

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