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Free Assembly for Your 1-20 Layer PCBs

Oct 27, 2022


Free Assembly for your 1-20 Layer PCBs

After the continuous upgrading of our production lines and the expansion of production capacity, we have good news to tell all the customers that now we can provide more discounts to a greater extent to benefit customers who have always supported us.

Currently, 1-20 layer PCBs can be assembled for free with coupons redeemed, saving $8 in setup fees.

Get your PCB manufactured for only $2, and have them assembled from $0.

For 1- 8 Layer PCBs with green color and 1oz. Copper weight, you can get the $2 special offers.

   Layer           PCB SizeQtyPrice
   1-2 Layers  100x100mm5 pcs$2
   4-8 Layers 50x50mm5 pcs$2

Note: Only one $2 special offer is valid in one package.

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How to get free assembly for your PCB orders?

Every customer can get $24 Coupons for PCB assembly monthly. After any placed order you will get three coupons($9 + $9 +$6) at the beginning of the afterward month. The SMT coupons can be found in your Account > Coupon section.

When you checkout, just select one $9 SMT service coupon, and the discount will be automatically applied during checkout. For PCB assembly, prices start at $8 setup fee. That's to say, the setup fee is free now.

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