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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly - JLCPCB

1&2 layers
From $2 /5pcs
Build Time: 24 hours
Only $2 for 100×100mm PCBs
$56/㎡ for Batch production
FR4, Aluminum, Copper Core PCB
4-8 layers
From $2 /5pcs
Build Time: 4 days
4-8L - $2 for 50×50mm PCBs
6-8L - Free ENIG Surface finish
6-20L - Free via-in-pad with POFV
PCB Assembly
From $8
Build Time: 24 hours
3D Printing
From $1
Build Time: 48 hours
Price as low as $0.07/g
Resin, Nylon, Metal, ABS
SMT Stencil
From $7 /1pcs
Build Time: 24 hours
High precision stainless steel Stencil
Laser cutting by state-of-the-art LPKF machine

Your PCB Partner - JLCPCB

Quality PCBs. Extraordinary savings. Satisfaction guaranteed

Excellent Quality PCBs

We have our own factories with fully automated production lines to provide high quality and consistency. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IPC-6012E. See our quality management >

Fast & Stable Delivery

Get boards produced 24 hours and delivered in 2-4 days. Over 98% of Orders were shipped on time. To iterate more freely as JLCPCB offers low-cost and fast-turnaround services. How JLCPCB works >

24 Hour Support

Our friendly support team is available via email(2-hour average response time on office hours), Live Chat, and phone. The real person to help any time of day.